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Edited by Michael H. Glantz

Heads Up! Early Warning Systems for Climate, Water and Weather-Related Hazards

Heads Up! Early Warning Systems for Climate, Water and Weather-Related Hazards

Heads Up! Early Warning Systems for Climate, Water and Weather-Related Hazards
Edited by Michael H. Glantz

ISBN: 978-92-8081169-8
214 pages; paper; US$19.00
May 2009

Table of Contents

Sample chapter
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The forces of nature can have deadly and damaging consequences for societies and ecosystems that stand in their path. Early warning systems offer one of the best defenses against the adverse effects of climate, water, weather and geologic hazards, although far too often this realization is made after disaster strikes.

Heads Up! provides a useful review of early warning systems in operation today, while exploring a range of hazards including hurricanes, heat waves, floods, droughts, tsunami and volcanoes. With contributions from an international team of scientists, this practical handbook serves as a valuable contribution to our awareness and understanding of the role early warning systems play in disaster avoidance and reduction.

Michael H. Glantz is director of the Consortium for Capacity Building in the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado.

Table of contents



Climate-, water- and weather-related hazards

Too much, too little

Global warming

Earth hazards

Concluding thoughts


Jennifer Boehnert, GIS Coordinator, NCAR Thomas Bogdan, Director, Space Weather Prediction Center, Space Environment Center (NOAA National Weather Service), Boulder, Colorado Bureau of Meteorology, Australia Melbourne, Australia Stanley Changnon Emeritus Climatologist, Illinois State Water Survey S. H. M. Fakhruddin Early Warning Systems Technical Specialist, ADPC, Bangkok Michael H. Glantz Director, Consortium for Capacity Building, University of Colorado Eve Gruntfest Director, Social Science Woven into Meteorology, University of Oklahoma Mary Hayden Postdoctoral Fellow, ISSE, NCAR Stefanie Herrmann Postdoctoral Fellow, ASP, NCAR Ilan Kelman Scientist, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO), Oslo, Norway Joanie Kleypas Scientist, NCAR Janet Larsen Director of Research, Earth Policy Institute, Washington, DC Margaret LeMone Scientist, NCAR Michael McPhaden Scientist, PMEL, NOAA, Seattle, Washington Paulette Middleton Scientist, Panorama Pathways, Boulder, Colorado Rebecca Morss Scientist, NCAR Susanne Moser Director, Susanne Moser Research and Consulting, Santa Cruz, California Lino Naranjo Diaz MeteoGalicia, A Coruña, Spain Natural Resources Canada Ottawa and Ontario, Canada Douglas Pattie Scientist, International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, Bonn, Germany


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