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Mankind and the Oceans
Edited by: Nobuyuki Miyazaki, Zafar Adeel and Kouichi Ohwada
[UNU Series on Water Resources Management and Policy]
ISBN: 92-808-1057-X
March 2005
  220 pages
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    The oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface and play an important part in our lives by controlling climate and weather conditions; hosting shipping, transportation, recreation and tourism; and providing us with food, minerals and petroleum. The relationship between mankind and the oceans has been crucial since prehistoric times. With the growth of the human population, especially in coastal zones, there is a growing threat to oceans from land-based activities such as industrial effluent, municipal sewage, and runoff from agricultural areas, as well as antifouling agents used on ships and aquaculture nets, and the excessive exploitation of fish stocks.

    This book contains important and fascinating evidence of the role of the oceans in mankind's survival in the twenty-first century. It focuses on regional and national case studies and emphasizes approaches that can help remedy our impact on the oceans. It contains a lot of valuable information on the ocean environment, including controversial issues such as fish stock depletion rates, plus the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, and constructive suggestions for future directions.

    The oceans belong to us all and we are equally responsible for the wise utilization and protection of their bountiful resources. Mankind and the Oceans is a useful tool for policymakers, resource managers, graduate and undergraduate students, scientists and all other people concerned about the role and future of our oceans.

    Nobuyuki Miyazaki is a Professor at the Ocean Research Institute at the University of Tokyo. Zafar Adeel is Assistant Director (program Development), United Nations Univeristy, International Network on Water, Environment and Health, Ontario, Canada. Kouichi Ohwada is Professor, Faculty of Environmental and Symbiotic Science, Prefectural University of Kumamoto, Japan.


  • Preface : Overview of the Global Marine and Coastal Challenges
  • SECTION I: Human Activities Related to Marine Life and Management : Mankind Belongs to the Sea
  • Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas - EMECS
  • International Marine Sciences Activities in Japan
  • UNU's International Marine Environment Research Networks: An Approach Towards Sustainable Seas in the Twenty First Century
  • SECTION II: Case Studies of Marine Pollution in the World
  • Environmental Problems in Coastal Waters of China
  • Marine Pollution Monitoring of Butyltins and Organochlorines in Coastal Waters of Thailand, Philippines and India
  • Organochlorine Contamination in Baikal (Phoca sibirica) from Lake Baikal, Russia
  • Marine Mammals and Environmental Contaminants in the Pacific Ocean
  • Current Knowledge and Frontiers for Research
  • Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Outbreaks of Disease in Marine Mammals
  • SECTION III: Marine Biodiversity and Environment in the Black Sea and The South-western Atlantic Ocean : Biodiversity in the Black Sea, Threats and Future
  • Marine Biodiversity of the South-Western Atlantic Ocean and Main Environmental Problems of the Region


  • Zafar Adeel
  • Nobuyuki Miyazaki
  • Francois Doumenge Tomotoshi Okaichi
  • Achiko Yamada
  • Nobuhiko Handa
  • Juha I. Uitto
  • Zhou Kaiya
  • Maricar S. Prudente
  • Supawat Kan-Atireklap
  • Shinsuke Tanabe
  • Annamalai Sbramanian
  • Haruhiko Nakata
  • Shinsuke Tanabe
  • Ryo Tatsukawa
  • Masao Amano
  • Evgeny A. Petrov
  • Thomas J. O'Shea
  • Peter S. Ross
  • Bayram Ozturk
  • Ayaka Amaha Ozturk
  • Ricardo Bastid
  • Diego RodrIguez
  • Norbeto Scarlato
  • Marco Faveroo

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