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Innovative communities: Community-centred Environmental Management in Asia and the Pacific
Edited by Jerry Velasquez, Makiko Yashiro, Susan Yoshimura and Izumi Ono
ISBN 92-808-1116-9
November 2005
  300 pages
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    This book introduces the concept of community innovation and illustrates its role and impact in promoting sustainability. It includes nine case studies from the Asia-Pacific region where communities are adopting innovative methods to address complex and unpredictable environmental problems and promote sustainable development. This often requires new cultures, institutions and governance structures, as well as dramatic changes in people's perceptions, attitudes, roles and behaviours.

    The authors examine environmental initiatives within the region, including natural resource management, eco-tourism, forest management, solid waste management, and water management. The book offers a rich balance of perspectives from experts in community development, urban planning and local environmental management, as well as community leaders, local government officials, journalists, non-governmental organization representatives and academics. It provides theoretical and practical insights for communities and those who provide support to communities at the local, regional and global levels of governance.

    Jerry Velasquez is a Programme Specialist at the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, Kenya. He was previously an Academic Programme Officer at United Nations University (UNU) and Coordinator of the UNU Global Environment Information Centre, Tokyo, Japan. Makiko Yashiro is a Research Associate at UNU Global Environment Information Centre. Susan Yoshimura is a Researcher in leadership and environmental governance, and a former campaigner at Greenpeace Japan. Izumi Ono is a Programme Associate at UNU Global Environment Information Centre.

    Introductory Chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Local to Global Connections: Community Involvement and Sustainability
  • Being Innovative, Against the Odds
  • Mainstreaming Innovative Approaches to Sustainable Urban Environmental
  • Management in Asia

    Case Study Chapters:
    Natural Resource Management
  • From Hunting to Sustainable Use: A Case Study on Pashtun Tribal Group's Innovations, Northern Bolochistan, Pakistan
  • Highland Encounters: Building New Partnerships for Conservation and Sustainable
  • Development in the Yangtze River Headwaters, the Heart of Tibetan Plateau
  • Sustainable Tourism Planning and Management in Klong Khwang, Thailand
  • Mangrove Conservation through Ecotourism Development by the Bobongko People in Togean Islands
    Forest Management
  • Innovative Community-led Sustainable Forest Resource Conservation and Management in Baybay, Leyte, Philippines
    Waste Management
  • Waste Management Activities in Nagoya: Local Government and Community
  • Partnerships", People, Partnership and Profits in Managing Solid Waste in Guimaras, Philippines
    Water Management
  • Integrated Catchment Management in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Basin, Australia
  • Making a Difference in Rajasthan, India


  • Diane Warburton
  • Susan Yoshimura
  • Charles Landry
  • Nathaniel von Einsiedel
  • Luc Bellon
  • J Marc Foggin
  • Walter Jamieson
  • Pawinee Sunalai
  • Sundjaya
  • Victor Asio
  • Marlito Jose M. Bande
  • Teruhiko Yoshimura
  • Rika Kato
  • Andrew C. Francombe
  • Francis E. Gentoral
  • Evan Anthony Arias
  • Amit Chanan
  • Darryl Romesh D'Monte
  • Jerry Velasquez
  • Makiko Yashiro
  • Izumi Ono

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