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Crossing National Borders: Human Migration Issues in Northeast Asia
Edited byTsuneo Akaha and Anna Vassilieva
ISBN 92-808-1117-7
November 2005
  260 pages
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    International migration and other types of cross-border movement of people are becoming an important part of international relations in Northeast Asia. In this pioneering study, experts on China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Russia examine the political, economic, social and cultural dimensions of the interaction between border-crossing individuals and host communities, highlighting the challenges that face national and local leaders in each country and suggesting needed changes in national and international policies. The authors analyze population trends and migration patterns in each country: Chinese migration to the Russian Far East, Chinese, Koreans, and Russians in Japan, North Koreans in China, and migration issues in South Korea and Mongolia. The book introduces a wealth of empirical material and insight to both international migration studies and Northeast Asian area studies.

    Tsuneo Akaha is a Professor of International Policy Studies and Director of the Center for East Asian Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, USA. Anna Vassilieva is an Associate Professor and Russian Studies Program Head, Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, USA.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction: Crossing national borders
  • Part I: Population trends and migration patterns in Northeast Asia
  • Population trends and migration patterns in Northeast Asia
  • Part II: Chinese migration to the Russian Far East
  • Chinese in the Russian Far East: Regional views
  • Migration and economic security: Chinese labour migrants in the Russian Far East
  • Part III: Russian, Chinese and Korean communities in Japan
  • The Russian presence in contemporary Japan: Case studies in Hokkaido and Niigata
  • Chinese migrants in contemporary Japan: The case of Niigata
  • Koreans in Japan and Shimane
  • Part IV: Migration issues in the Korean peninsula and Mongolia
  • North Koreans in China: Sorting fact from fiction
  • The realities of South Korea's migration policies
  • Foreign migration issues in Mongolia
  • Conclusion: Implications for regional international relations


  • Robert A. Scalapino
  • Tsuneo Akaha
  • Anna Vassilieva
  • Maurice D. Van Arsdol, Jr
  • Stephen Lam
  • Brian Ettkin
  • Glenn Guarin
  • Victor Larin
  • Elizabeth Wishnick
  • Daojiong Zha
  • Mika Mervi
  • Hazel Smith
  • Shin-wha Lee
  • Tsedendamba Batbayar

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