ISSN 1814-8026 (online)

No. Title Author(s)/Editor(s) Institute
   1 Open Source and Open Standards: A New Frontier for Economic Development? Rishab Aiyer Ghosh and Philipp Schmidt UNU-MERIT
   2 The Impact of Spoilers on Peace Processes and Peacebuilding Edward Newman and Oliver Richmond UNU Centre
   3 Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Transport Alternatives: Issues for Developing Countries Lynn Mytelka and Grant Boyle UNU-MERIT
   4 International Criminal Accountability and Children's Rights Vesselin Popovski and Karin Arts UNU Centre
   5 Fiscal Policy for Poverty Reduction, Reconstruction, and Growth Tony Addison, Alan Roe, and Matthew Smith UNU-WIDER
   6 A Global Partnership for Eradicating Poverty: Prospects and Potentials Martina Timmermann, Helena Sterwe and Prakhar Sharma UNU-Centre/EHS
   7 Mobilizing Talent for Global Development Andrés Solimano UNU-WIDER
   8 The Chemical Weapons Convention: Implementation, Challenges and Opportunities Tejal Chandan and Ramesh Thakur UNU Centre
   9 The Ethical Challenges of International Human Rights NGOs Daniel Bell, Jean-Marc Coicaud UNU-ONY
   10 Foreign Direct Investment: Key Issues for Promotion Agencies Mariana Zanatta, Ionara Costa, Sergey Filippov UNU-MERIT
   11 Using Science and Technology Indicators to support knowledge-based economies Robert Tijssen and Hugo Hollanders UNU-MERIT

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