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Human Rights and Ethics

Declaration of Human Rights. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

In envisioning projects on human rights and ethics, the Peace and Governance Programme is working under the following three assumptions. First, human rights and ethics, far from constituting two separate areas of study, have to be understood as two related and complementary fields, each of them contributing to and projecting - particularly through multilateralism - a sense of international community.

The second assumption inhabiting the activities in this area is that addressing issues of human rights and ethics is part of a wide conception of human security which is currently emerging - a conception of human security which does not limit itself to traditional security issues, but also encompasses norms and value-judgements.

Third, making human rights and ethics a core aspect of the Peace and Governance Programme is meant to contribute to an inquiry on the making and evolution of the contemporary democratic culture, both within borders and among nations. This Programme area therefore contributes to debate regarding the normative underpinnings of the institutions and values that are used to organize our lives.

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