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Project: Contestation of Globalization: in Search for New Modes of Global Governance

The expansion of the capitalist system (now characterized as "globalization") is accompanied by a near-universal widening of the social divide, not least between those profiting from the new modes of production and exchange, and the proliferating mass of poor people bearing the brunt of the ongoing structural changes. Moreover, it is causing rapid environmental degradation world-wide and at the regional level, precipitating humanity towards major ecological disasters. These problems are a source of great insecurity, as attested by the growing number of civil wars, migratory flows and refugee movements. The project on 'New Modes of Global Governance' (a joint venture between the United Nations University, UNESCO and the University of Lausanne) approaches these challenges from the perspective of failures in global governance. It tries to contribute to the invention of new institutional mechanisms and multilateral procedures for contributing to the solution of these problems. An authors meeting was held in February 2002 in Lausanne.