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Project: The Ideas-Institutional Nexus: Exploring the Mind and Body of Global Governance

This project analyzes the impact of international commissions in order to explore the nexus between ideas and policy change/formation. It considers the political dynamics and the actors that led to their formation; their working modalities; and their impact. Their impact is considered in areas such as the development of norms and upon the creation of formal and informal institutions and organizations; their impact upon exiting multilateral institutions; and their impact upon the development of soft law. The project will also explore the extent to which commissions reflect and channel 'new diplomacy', new levels of analysis, the capacity of ideas to generate and shape the agenda, and the emergence of new actors/alliances. The project includes thematic/conceptual analyses which will be applied to the major commissions: the Brandt Commission, the Palme Commission, the Commission on Global Governance, the Stockholm Initiative on Global Security and Governance, the Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict, the Independent Commission on Kosovo, Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty.