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Project: Fault lines of International legitimacy

In recent years a number of events have led some analysts to question international order and its claims to justice. The impact of terrorism, arguably the illustration of a growing gap between the Western world and non-Western radicalized forces eager to challenge the status quo of established powers, seems to be a defining characteristic of current international politics. The preventive war against Iraq is also testing international norms. These events, the issues they entail and the debates they generate raise the question of international legitimacy. The result is that international legitimacy, a notion of international politics and international law, has today become a burning issue. This is the main rationale behind the Peace and Governance project 'Fault lines of International Legitimacy'. The project, organized in partnership with the Australian National University, brings together a group of multidisciplinary scholars belonging to the fields of international law, international relations, philosophy, and history. A first workshop meeting took place in November 2001 in New York. A second meeting was organized in May 2002 in Tokyo. Chapters are now being finalized. The manuscript should be published in 2004.