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Project: Ethics in Action: The Successes, Compromises, and Setbacks of Transnational Human Rights and Humanitarian NGOs

Transnational human rights and humanitarian advocacy is a major feature of both the development of civil society, and of multilateral cooperation. Beyond rhetoric lie the challenges of work in the field. This involves both "neutral" practices of humanitarian assistance within local institutional constraints, and the more "politicized" transmission of global human rights norms. This project examines these questions both from the INGO practitioners' point of view of making choices on priorities and practices, and from the broader theoretical perspective of philosophers and policy-makers. Its goal is to encourage a process of debate and interaction between different perspectives. The project delineates more precisely the political, social and cultural nature of the constraints faced by practitioners in their decisions and practices, as well as the possibilities for further policies of ethical action in a conflict-ridden world. It will result in one thematically edited book, with one first part presenting the point of view of practitioners, and a second part, theoretical perspectives on these results.