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         11 October 2002

On 31 October and 1 November 2002, the United Nations University (UNU) will host a symposium on "Clean Energy and Zero Emissions" at the UN House in Tokyo. The theme of the symposium, which is being organized by the UNU Zero Emissions Forum and the Japan Society for the Promotion of the Science No. 168 Committee, will be "Clean Energy and Zero Emissions -Toward a Sustainable Future with Hydrogen Energy."

The escalation of environmental issues related to the consumption of fossil fuels and increasing concern about the limitations of fossil resources have focused attention on the development of renewable energy technologies and sources. Hydrogen has drawn particular interest as a potential energy source because of its abundance, harmless combustion residues and high combustion efficiency.

This symposium will consider the issue of how to realize hydrogen as a possible future fuel from various points of view. Participants will review the current state-of-the-art, explore the potential of future systems, and discuss the role of R&D and policy in realizing a hydrogen-fueled future. Speakers will include representatives from academia, research institutes, the automotive and energy industries.

The symposium will open on 31 October with remarks by Prof. Dr. Motoyuki Suzuki, UNU Vice-Rector and Chairman of the Japan Society for the Promotion of the Science No. 168 Committee, and Dr. Keizo Yamaji, Chairman of the UNU Zero Emissions Forum, followed by a keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Amory. B. Lovins, CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute, and a lecture by Dr. Haruki Tsuchiya, President of the Research Institute for Systems Technology. Sessions on "Feasibility of Hydrogen System Technologies" and "Research, Developments and Economical Aspects of Hydrogen Energy Systems" will be held in the afternoon.

On 1 November, the morning will feature a keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Bragi Arnason, University of Iceland, a lecture by Prof. Dr. Takuya Yoshida, Executive Director of the Fuel Cell Development Information Center, and a special lecture by Mr. Gabriel F. de Scheemaker, CFO of Shell Hydrogen B.V. In the afternoon, there will be a session on "Initiatives to Promote Development of Hydrogen Energy Systems" and a panel discussion on "Prospects and Issues for Realization of a Hydrogen Energy Society." Media representatives are cordially invited to attend. A copy of the programme is attached for your reference.

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