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         27 June 2002

The United Nations University (UNU) is now accepting applications for the Eighth UNU Global Seminar - Kobe-Awaji Session, to be held from 7 to 10 October 2002 at the Hotel Pearl City Kobe in Kobe and the Westin Awaji Island in Awaji, Japan. The theme of this year's seminar will be "Building Peace: Towards Inclusive Society."

The UNU Global Seminar is an annual programme designed to enhance awareness about global issues among students and young professionals in Japan by providing them an opportunity for active interaction with international scholars and experts. Undergraduate students (junior year and above) and postgraduate students in Japanese universities as well as recent graduates are eligible to apply. Applicants must understand both English and Japanese languages. Approximately 50 students will be selected from among the applicants to participate in the four-day seminar.

The participation fee is Japanese yen 35,000, which includes seminar materials, meals, and three nights' accommodation. Up to half of this fee may be waived for international students who are not receiving a scholarship for their study in Japan. Applications must be submitted to the UNU Global Seminar Secretariat no later than 31 July 2002. Application forms are available from the Secretariat (telephone: 078-291-8415; fax: 078-291-0691). Further information and application forms are also available from the UNU website at

The UNU Global Seminar - 2002 Kobe-Awaji Session will open with keynote lectures by Prof. Nay Htun, University for Peace, and Prof. Toshiki Mogami, International Christian University. Other scheduled lecturers include Prof. Modjtaba Sadria (Chuo University), Prof. Kyoko Kikuchi (Tsuda College), Mr. Akio Nomura (Asahi Shimbun Research Center), Dr. Martha Caldwell Harris (Atlantic Council of the United States), Prof. Kenichi Ohno (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies), and Mr. Masaharu Kohno (Consul-General of Japan in Los Angeles). Individual sessions will focus on "Education, Culture, Value, and Mass Media" and "Economics, Society, Environment and Natural Resources." The objective of the seminar is to discuss ways to build up a dynamic multicultural society that can prevent the resurgence of armed conflicts. A preliminary programme is attached.

The UNU Global Seminar Kobe-Awaji Session is jointly organized by UNU, Hyogo International Association and Kobe International Center for Cooperation and Communication. Kobe University, Osaka University, and Kyoto University are collaborating to plan and organize the seminar.

The UNU Global Seminar - Kobe-Awaji Session has been held annually since 1995. Other UNU Global Seminars this year include the Shimane Session ("Prevention and Resolution of Conflict") and the Hokkaido Session ("Information and Media in the Age of Globalization") in August, the Shonan Session ("Cross-border Movement of People") and the Tohoku Session ("Science and Technology, Welfare, and Gender: Local and Global Dimensions") in September, the Kanazawa Session ("Environment and Development - A Glocal Approach") in November and the Okinawa Session ("From Conflict to Peace") in December.

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