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An International Conference on Marine Issues

From 29 October to 2 November 1998, the United Nations University (UNU), the Ocean Research Institute (ORI) of the University of Tokyo, and Iwate Prefecture will hold an international conference, “Man and the Ocean,” to commemorate the International Year of the Ocean, a UN effort to highlight the importance of oceans to human life.

Symposia will be organized at the UNU’s Tokyo Headquarters on 29 and 30 October, at Iwate Prefectural University in Morioka on 1 November, and at the Sanriku Exposition Memorial Hall in Kamaishi on 2 November.

This event will focus on the relationships between humans and the marine environment. The impacts of human activities on coastal and ocean ecological systems have become crucial global issues. Oceans are resources shared by everyone, and increasing scholarly and political interest reflects the importance of managing them in a sustainable manner. The research work to be presented at this conference highlights the worldwide contributions towards the conservation of the marine environment.

The conference will bring together scholars to discuss a wide range of marine-related issues, including coastal resource management, global and regional marine pollution, and impacts on marine biodiversity. The conference will conclude with discussions toward action plans for further marine environmental research and coastal resource management on an international scale.

This conference is being held in cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Simultaneous interpretation in English and Japanese will be provided.

Media representatives are cordially invited to attend the symposia. The programme of the first day is shown below.

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Date: Thursday, 29 October 1998
Venue: The United Nations University, 3F International Conference Hall
Chairman: Prof. Makoto Terasaki (Ocean Research Institute (ORI), the University of Tokyo, Japan)
Opening Remarks
10:00-10:30 Prof. J. A. van Ginkel (Rector, the United Nations University)
Mr. Hiroya Masuda (Governor, Iwate Prefecture, Japan)
Prof. Keisuke Taira (Director, ORI, the University of Tokyo)
Keynote Speeches
Chairman: Prof. Motoyuki Suzuki (Vice-Rector, the United Nations University)
10:30-11:10K-1 Mankind Belongs to the Sea
Prof. François Doumenge (Director, Monaco Oceanographic Museum, Monaco)
11:10-11:50K-2 The Importance of the Ocean and Marine Environments for Our Lives
Ms. Terttu Melvasalo (Director, Water Branch, United Nations Environment Programme)
Chairman: Prof. Keisuke Taira (Director, ORI, the University of Tokyo)
11:50-12:30K-3 International Cooperation for Achieving Ocean Governance Stimulated by UNCLOS and UNCED 92: Marine Research and Ocean Observations
Prof. Gunnar Kullenberg (Executive Director, International Ocean Institute)
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Part I. Activities Related to the Oceanic and Coastal Environment
Coffee Break
Chairman: Prof. Isao Koike (ORI, the University of Tokyo)
14:00-14:40I-1 International Activities in Marine Science
Prof. Nobuyuki Handa (Aichi Prefectural University, Japan)
14:40-15:20I-2 Coastal Engineering for Natural Disaster Prevention
Prof. Nobuo Shuto (Iwate Prefectural University, Japan)
Chairman: Prof. Kouichi Ohwada (ORI, the University of Tokyo)
15:20-16:00 I-3 Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Sea
Prof. Tomotoshi Okaichi (Emeritus Professor, Kagawa University, Japan)
16:20-17:00I-4 Coastal Resource Management in Thailand
Prof. Choob Khemnark (Kasesart University, Thailand)
Chairman: Prof. Nobuyuki Miyazaki (ORI, the University of Tokyo)
17:00-17:40 I-5 Sustainable Management of Natural Resources: The UNU Research and Capacity-Building Programme
Dr. Juha I. Uitto (Senior Programme Officer, the United Nations University)

(Simultaneous Interpretation available in English and Japanese)


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