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Hennadiy Udovenko, President of the 52nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly and Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, will give a lecture on "The Role of the United Nations in Todayís World" at UNU Headquarters on Wednesday, 11 March 1998. The lecture will take place from 16.00 to 17.00 hours in the UNUís International Conference Hall and will be presented in cooperation with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The United Nations is becoming increasingly important in finding solutions to world problems. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annanís recent success in negotiating an agreement with President Saddam Hussein to allow UN weapons inspectors to complete their mission in Iraq attests to this. Mr. Udovenko will discuss in his lecture why the United Nations has taken on greater importance since the end of the Cold War and outline his views on the role of the United Nations.

Mr. Udovenko joined the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs soon after graduating from Kiev University with a degree in international relations. He has spent several years in New York as part of Ukraineís delegation to the United Nations. His three-day visit to Japan is meant to strengthen cooperative relations between the United Nations and the Government of Japan.

Media representatives who would like to attend Mr. Udovenkoís lecture are requested to contact the UNU Public Affairs Section at either of the following numbers:

Tel.: (03) 5467-1243 or -1246
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