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Course III: Development
New Challenges of International Development; Sustainability and Vulnerability in a Globalizing World


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After more than a half century of global efforts of enhancing development of developing countries, the world community has entered into a new period when successful countries have major challenges of sustainability of their successes and at the same time when a number of developing countries have come to be characterized by vulnerability.

Traditionally development studies have targeted at those countries that are in-between those two situations. This course aims at clarifying issues of emerging dichotomy of sustainability challenges and vulnerability crises in international development in an increasingly globalizing world. Theoretical approaches will be combined with practical experiences.


A participatory approach is emphasized in this course. After each lecture of about 50 minutes, questions, answers and discussions will be pursued for about thirty minutes. Some lecturers will put both aspects together throughout 80 minutes. Students are strongly encouraged to join the discussion. Presentation of a preliminary version of a term-paper is required of each student. This exercise will begin in mid-October.

Presentation, discussion and an advice of a coordinator- professor for a student will be for about 20 minutes. Students are advised to think about topics for term-papers that are related to the objective of the course as defined as above.


Due to the emphasis on students’ own efforts and participation, priorities will be given to term-papers, attendance and discussion in the final evaluation. Plagiarism will be severely punished.

Course Coordinators

Chief Coordinator: Professor Kazuo Takahashi (UNU)

Coordinators: Professor Masahiko Omori (Keio University)
Professor Tsugio Ide (Nihon University)
Professor Shinobu Yamaguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


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