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UNU Joint Graduate Courses

Course I: Human Rights
Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance


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The importance of protecting and promoting human rights has been increasingly and widely recognized in a globalised world. At the same time, as affirmed in the report of the former UN Secretary-General, In Larger Freedom, human rights is important not merely by itself but also for ensuring security and development on a global level.

This can be observed in prolonged civil wars and poverty, the situations in ‘corrupt states’ and cross-border issues, such as terrorism and HIV/AIDS. This course examines human rights issues in relation to ‘security’ and ‘development’, aiming to understand the significance and role of human rights in this context in a globalised world.

The first half of the module focuses on concepts and theory, while the latter half examines the practices and experiences of UN agencies and NGOs in the field.


Classes for this course are held every Tuesday. Each class consists of two parts—the first half consists of a 50-minute lecture, followed by a Q&A session and class discussion for about 30 minutes.

Students are strongly encouraged to actively participate in the discussion. The latter half will be allocated for student presentations, in which each student is required to present a preliminary version of his/her final paper. The Presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions and feedback from lecturers and coordinators.


Students will be evaluated based on their attendance, participation in class discussion, presentation and the final paper on the topic of each student’s choice based on the course.

Course Coordinators

Chief Coordinator:
Dr. Madoka Futamura (UNU)

Professor Yasushi Katsuma (Waseda University);
Professor Yasuzo Kitamura (Chuo University)
Professor Osamu Yoshida (University of Tsukuba)

Course Adviser:
Professor Yozo Yokota (UNU/Chuo University)


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