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Meetings and Events in 2002


  • The information provided below is subject to change without notice. When an event spreads over two months, it is listed in the starting month.

  • Information on each event is given in the following order:
          Date, location
          Meeting title
          Meeting objective
          Meeting organizer/Contact



17-21 January, Kunming & Baoshan, Yunnan, China
UNU-UNEP Annual Meeting of PLEC-China & National Workshop on Agrobiodiversity Conservation in Southwest China
To present technical and policy recommendations to stakeholders at national and local levels and exchange research findings with other institutions in China. Co-organized by PLEC-China at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Contact : Guo Huijun, e-mail:

18 January, Tokyo, Japan
International Symposium “Diversity and Homogeneity: Fostering Innovativeness in Local Environmental Management
Organized by: Japan Human Dimension Programme, Science Council of Japan; United Nations University and United Nations Environment Programme
UNU Centre (Contact: Jerry Velasquez, e-mail:

24 January, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
National Meeting on the Technical and Policy Recommendations of PLEC-Tanzania
Co-organized by PLEC-Tanzania at Agricultural Research and Development Institute Ukiriguru, Tanzania.
UNU Centre (Contact: Liang Luohui).

24-25 January, Tokyo, Japan
EU-UNU Tokyo Global Forum on "Governance Across Borders: National, Regional and Global"
Co-hosted by the United Nations University and the Delegation of the European Commission in Japan
UNU Centre (Contact e-mail: or the European Commission in Japan, D. Inoue (Tel: 03-3239-0464) or M. Suetsune (Tel: 03-3239-0430).

25 January - 26 April, Tokyo, Japan
UNU Mountain Photograph Exhibit: Mountain Prospects - Images for the International Year of Mountains 2002
This exhibit represents one of the UNU's contributions to the International Year of Mountains covering twenty-five years history of the mountain related programme [see website].
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-17:30, closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays except 21st and 23rd March.
UNU Centre (Contact: Kumi Furuyashiki and Libor Jansky).
[Press Release]

31 January, Tokyo, Japan
UNU Public Forum - Mountains: Environment and Human Activities
Lectures by Prof. Jack D. Ives, Ms. Junko Tabei, Prof. Yugo Ono
UNU Centre (Contact: Kumi Furuyashiki and Libor Jansky).
[Press Release]



1 February, Tokyo, Japan
UNU International Symposium on Conservation of Mountain Ecosystems
UNU's Mountain Initiative - Development of Japanese Studies on Mountains - Peoples in Mountains - (Physical) Environmental Change of Mountains - Water Resources in Mountains
UNU Centre (Contact: Kumi Furuyashiki and Libor Jansky).
[Press Release]

4-18 February, Tamil Nadu, India
UNU-UNESCO International Training Course: "Coastal Biodiversity in Mangrove Ecosystems"
The main objective of the Training Course is to build the capacity of professionals and institutions in developing countries to undertake monitoring, research and conservation of critical coastal ecosystems within mangrove forests. This will be achieved through training of young professionals in the scientific methodology and description of latest research work on related subjects. A secondary objective is to promote and encourage development of a network of professionals from developing countries working in this field.
Course coordinator: Dr. AN. Subramanian (, Professor, CAS in Marine Biology, Annamalai University.
UNU Centre (Contact: Zafar Adeel).

7 February, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Seminar on "Growth Theories Revisited: Permanent Questions with Changing Answers"
UNU/INTECH (Contact Monique Seuren, e-mail:

15 February, UNHQ, New York, USA
International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS) Report Seminar with the UN Secretary-General and the Canadian Foreign Minister
UNU Centre (Contact: Ramesh Thakur).

15-16 February, New York, USA
First conference of the UNU Project on "Ethics in Action: The Successes, Compromises, and Setbacks of Transnational Human Rights and Humanitarian NGOs"
UNU Centre (Contact: Genevieve Souillac).

18 February, UNU, Tokyo, Japan
UNU-NIES International Workshop on Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater - Technical and Policy Dimensions
Jointly organized by United Nations University and National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
UNU Centre (Contact: Zafar Adeel)
[Press Release]

18-21 February, Wilton Park, UK
Wilton Park Conference on Japan and East Asia
(UNU will present research findings of the project on "Non-Traditional Security in East Asia")
UNU Centre (Contact: Ramesh Thakur).

20 February, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Seminar on "Globalization of Technology and Developing Countries"
UNU/INTECH (Contact Monique Seuren, e-mail:

20 February, Belem, Brazil
The First National Forum on Agrodiversity and Agrobiodiversity of Varzea
Organized by the PLEC-Amazonian Cluster, Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazonia (IPAM)
UNU Centre (Contact: Liang Luohui).

21 February, Tokyo, Japan
Regional Seminar on East Asian Historic Cities: Recreation of Historic Landscape and Revitalization of Traditional Cities
Organized jointly by: Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ), UNU Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU/IAS) and Ishikawa International Cooperation Research Centre (IICRC) UNU/IAS (Contact: Sombo Yamamura, e-mail:
[Press Release]

21-22 February, UNU, Tokyo, Japan
First workshop of the UNU Project on "Culture of Solidarity and Geo-Strategic Culture"
UNU Centre (Contact: Jean-Marc Coicaud).

25-28 February, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
Workshop of the UNU-INCORE Project on "Researching Ethnic Conflict in Africa"
UNU Centre (Contact: Albrecht Schnabel).

25 February - 1 March, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
First Regional Training Workshop for South and Southeast Asian Region: "Climate Affairs Capacity Building Program"
Co-organized by UNU, NCAR and University of Malaya
The workshop will be designed to have introductory lectures and interactive sessions to provide hands-on experience with various aspects of climate affairs. The technical sessions will be augmented by a number of workshop products.
UNU Centre (Contact: Zafar Adeel).

27 February, Tokyo
Signing Ceremony Inaugurating the JSPS-UNU Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
Jointly organized with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Contact: Akihiko Watanabe, UNU/IAS, e-mail:
[Press Release]



6 March, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Seminar on "Financial Markets and Innovation Performance"
UNU/INTECH (Contact Monique Seuren, e-mail:

8 March, Tokyo
First Joint UN House Public Forum on International Women’s Day 2002 "Women Today: Realities and Opportunities "Women in Afghanistan"
Jointly organized by: UNU, ILO Tokyo Branch Office, UNICEF Office in Japan, UNDP Tokyo Office, UNHCR Regional Office for Japan and the Republic of Korea, UNIC and UNOPS Tokyo Office
UNU Centre (Contact Fumiko Tanaka, tel: 03-3499-2811, e-mail:

11-15 March, UN, Geneva, Switzerland
UN Department for Disarmament Affairs (DDA) Meeting on "Disarmament and Education"
UNU Centre (Contact: Ramesh Thakur).

15 March, UNHQ, New York, USA
Dissemination meeting of the "Non-Traditional Security in East Asia"
UNU Centre (Contact: Ramesh Thakur or Edward Newman).

18 March, UNHQ, New York, USA
UNU-UNHQ Expert Forum on "Conflict Prevention: The SG's Report and the Way Forward"
UNU Centre (Contact: Ramesh Thakur or Albrecht Schnabel).

18-22 March, Monterrey, Mexico
Dissemination Meeting and Book Launch of UNU-University of Warwick Project on "Civil Society and Global Finance"
UNU Centre (Contact: Albrecht Schnabel).



2-4 April, Beijing, China
UN Department for Disarmament Affairs (DDA) Conference on "A Disarmament Agenda for the 21st Century"
UNU Centre (Contact: Ramesh Thakur).

5 April, Tokyo, Japan
Award Symposium for 2001-2002 UNU/Kirin Fellows
The symposium will focus on capacity development in food science and technology in developing countries in Asia: Five young food scientists from Asian countries will present the results of their one-year research training at the National Food Research Institute in Tsukuba, Japan, followed by a keynote presentation on capacity development through fellowship programmes. The symposium will be followed by an award ceremony for the fellows and their advisors and a signing ceremony for the renewed agreement between the UNU and the Kirin Company regarding the latter's financial support for the fellowship programme.
The event is open to the interested public. Please register your attendance at
UNU Centre (Contact:
[Press Release]

10 April, Helsinki
WIDER Public Lecture on "Asian Development Outlook"
by Mr. John Lintjer, Vice President, and Mr. Sailesh K. Jha, Economist in Helsinki
UNU/WIDER (contact:

13-14 April, UNU/CRIS, Bruges, Belgium
First workshop of the UNU Project on "Regional Cooperation and Conflict Prevention in the Southern Caucasus"
UNU Centre (Contact: Albrecht Schnabel).

15-16 April, Geneva, Switzerland
23rd Conference of Directors of UNU Research and Training Centres and Programmes (RTC/Ps) (CONDIR)
UNU Centre (Contact: Max Bond).

15-16 April, Hanoi, Viet Nam
UNU International Symposium: "Tracing Pollutants from Agrochemical Use: Focus on Endocrine Disruptor Pollution"
Hosted by Vietnam National University
The symposium’s main objectives are: (a) To share experience on EDC pollution in East Asian region and developed countries and (b) to report on data collection and analysis of EDC pollutants from participating countries.
UNU Centre (Contact: Zafar Adeel and Caroline King).
[Press Release]

23 April, UNU/CRIS, Brugge, Belgium
Lecture on "Europe: Cornerstone of a Multipolar World"
Official academic opening of the United Nations University Centre for Regional Integrated Studies (UNU/CRIS)

Guest speaker: Jean-Luc Dehaene, Vice-President of the Convention on the Future of Europe
UNU/CRIS (contact: L. Van Langenhove, e-mail:

23-27 April, New York, USA
UNU-UNEP General Meeting of PLEC: "Working with Farmers for the Cultivation of Biodiversity while Improving Livelihoods"
To summarize, present and exchange PLEC results, including technical and policy recommendations, and propose a new phase of PLEC.
Organized by UNU in collaboration with UNEP
UNU Centre (Contact: Liang Luohui).
[Press Release]

24 April, New York
WIDER Book Launch: The Prevention of Humanitarian Emergencies
(eds. E.W. Nafziger and R. Väyrynen)
Published by Palgrave Macmillan. Presentations by the editors
UNU/WIDER (contact:

24 April, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Seminar on "Innovation Systems and Development Strategy"
UNU/INTECH (Contact Monique Seuren, e-mail:



2 May, UNU/CRIS, Brugge, Belgium
Seminar on "Developing Indicators on Regional Integration"
UNU/CRIS (contact: L. Van Langenhove, e-mail:

9 May, Tokyo
UNU/IAS Tokyo Roundtable Seminar on
"Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol: Issues and Problems"

Co-organised by National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
UNU/IAS (Contact: Bradnee Chambers, Email: or Joy Kim, Email: or Brendan Barrett, Email:
[Press Release]

10-11 May, Helsinki, Finland
WIDER Development Conference on The New Economy in Development
UNU/WIDER (Contact: Fax: 358-9-61599333; E-mail:

13-15 May, UNU, Tokyo
X. International Philosophy Olympiad []
UNU Centre (Contact: Birgit Poniatowski).
[Press Release]

15 May, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Fourth UNU/INTECH-CERES WP3/EADI Conference on Innovation, Learning and Technological Dynamism of Developing Countries
To analyse the differing experiences of developing countries with respect to technology creation and assimilation and to identify the role of institutions and policies which facilitates this process. The conference is primarily meant for scholars working on issues related to technology in developing countries and based in and around the Netherlands.
UNU/INTECH (Contact Dr. Sunil Mani, e-mail:

17-19 May, Ontario, Canada
First workshop of the UNU Project on "The Ideas Institutional Nexus"
UNU Centre (Contact: Ramesh Thakur).

20 May-28 June, Tokyo, Japan
UNU International Courses (UNU/IC) - Spring 2002
UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail: IC Secretariat).
[Press Release]

21 May, Tokyo
3rd U Thant Distinguished Lecture on "Globalization"
by former US President William J. Clinton (invitees only)
UNU Centre and UNU/IAS (Contact: Peter Marcotullio, UNU/IAS, E-mail:
[Press Release]

22-23 May, Tokyo, Japan
Second workshop of the UNU project "The Conflicting Sources of International Legitimacy"
UNU Centre (Contact: Jean-Marc Coicaud).

23 May, Tokyo, Japan
2002 Africa Day symposium on "Integrating Africa: Regional Integration and Infrastructure Development in Africa."
Organized by the African Diplomatic Corps in Tokyo (ADC) and UNU
The 2002 Africa Day symposium is intended to familiarize stakeholders in Japan with the background and substance of regional integration efforts in Africa, and to provide concrete examples in the area of transport and information and communication technology. The symposium is also intended to provide input to the ongoing New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) initiative, next year's Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) and next month's G8 Summit.

The Africa Day symposium is an annual event organized to celebrate the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU). This year's symposium is particularly significant, as it is being held at the time when the OAU is being transformed into the new African Union (AU), and African development is being featured as one of the main items at the G8 summit in June 2002 in Kananaskis, Canada.
UNU Centre (Contact: Julius Court).
[Press Release]

26-27 May, UNU, Tokyo, Japan
First workshop of the UNU Project on "Women and Children in Post-Conflict Peacebulding"
UNU Centre (Contact: Albrecht Schnabel, e-mail:

27-28 May, UNU, Tokyo, Japan
International Conference on "The United Nations and South Asia"
UNU Centre (Contact: Ramesh Thakur or Oddny Wiggen).
[Press Release]

27 May, Helsinki
WIDER Public Lecture on Globalization and Catching Up in Emerging Market Economies
by Prof. Grzegorz Kolodko
UNU/WIDER (contact:

29 May 2002, Tokyo, Japan
Public lecture entitled "The Role of the United Nations in a Globalizing World"
by His Excellency Dr. Han Seung-soo, President of the United Nations General Assembly
After the lecture, Dr. Han will open a photographic exhibition on "Water: Mirror of the World" in the UN Gallery, 1F.
UNU Centre and UNU/IAS (Contact: Julius Court).
[Press Release]

30 May, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Seminar on "Open Systems, Learning Economies and Development Strategies"
This Seminar is part of the UNU/INTECH Seminar Series and will be presented by Shulin Gu.
UNU/INTECH (Contact: Monique Seuren, e-mail:



3-4 June, Oslo, Norway
First workshop of the UNU Project on "Hard Cases in Corporate Social Responsibility"
UNU Centre (Contact: Oddny Wiggen).

6-8 June, Geneva, Switzerland
Meeting of the Bureau of the UNU Council
UNU Centre (Contact: Max Bond).

10-12 June, Geneva
Geneva Research and Policy Dialogue
UNU Centre (Contact: Rector's Office, e-mail: or Ramesh Thakur).

17 June, Helsinki
WIDER Public Lecture on The New Poverty Reduction Agenda: What is new in it?
by Professor Nora Lustig
UNU/WIDER (contact:

17-18 June, Helsinki Finland
18th Session of the Board of WIDER
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:

20 June, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Public Lecture on "Latin American International Scientific Cooperation"
This Public Lecture will be presented by Dr. Hebe Vessuri, who is from the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) and is a Board Member of UNU/INTECH.
UNU/INTECH (Contact and advance registration: Monique Seuren, e-mail:

20-21 June, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Meeting of the Board of UNU/INTECH
UNU/INTECH (Contact: Monique Seuren, e-mail:

26 June, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Seminar on "Science and technology policies in Europe: new challenges, new responses"
This Seminar is part of the UNU/INTECH Seminar Series and will be presented by Philippe Laredo, who is from the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation in Paris.
UNU/INTECH (Contact: Monique Seuren, e-mail:

27-29 June, London
WIDER joint conference with LSE and Cornell on "Spatial Inequality and Development"
at London School of Economics (Ravi Kanbur and Tony Venables)
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:



1-3 July, Kaunas, Lithuania
International Symposium on The Role of Research and Higher Education in Developing National Forest Programmes in Countries with Economies in Transition
To analyze, address and formulate the contribution of research and education to forest policy development process in countries of Central-Eastern Europe and former Commonwealth of Independent States.
Co-organized by UNU, European Forest Institute (EFI), Silva Network, University of Joensuu, Faculty of Forestry, Lithuanian University of Agriculture.
UNU Centre (Contact: Brita Pajari, E-mail: and Libor Jansky).
[Press Release]

5-6 July, UNU/CRIS, Brugge, Belgium
Panel discussion "The Future of Sovereignty in Europe"
at the CISS/ISA fourth International Conference "Sovereignty and Globalisation: the new realities of ,managing the international system"
UNU/CRIS (contact: L. Van Langenhove, e-mail:

8-10 July, Tokyo, Japan
UNU International Conference: Conserving Our Coasts - Control of Endocrine Disruptor Pollution, Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific
[Field Excursion and Public Seminars 11-13 July (Morioka and Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, Japan)]
This conference will highlight the key issues and challenges faced by coastal ecosystems. In keeping with a three-year UNU Project on this subject, the presentations will focus on the situation in the Asia and Pacific region. The conference will be divided into three major symposia: (a) Controlling endocrine disruptor pollution in Asia and the Pacific; (b) Coastal management and sustainable development; and (c) Man and the Ocean.
UNU Centre (Contact: Zafar Adeel, Caroline King and Kumiko Tsukamoto).
[Press Release]

11 July, UNU, Tokyo
WSSD Public Forum on "The Road to the Johannesburg Summit 2002 and Beyond: The Role of Japan and United Nations University."
The objective of the forum is to raise awareness and understanding of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) among the general public in Japan.
To be held in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
UNU Centre and UNU/IAS (Contact: Akihiko Watanabe, e-mail:
[Press Release]

16 July, UNU, Tokyo
Public Forum on "Recent Issues in Peace and Environment in Central Asia"
This Public Forum is part of the "Akino Memorial Research Project" on peace and environment in Central Asia and neighbouring regions.
UNU Centre (Contact: Asami Oishi).
[Press Release]   [Fellowship Applications invited]



2-3 August, Helsinki
WIDER project meeting on Micro-simulation of Tax Benefit Reforms in Russia
UNU/WIDER (Contact Tony Shorrocks, e-mail:

3-6 August, Hamada, Shimane Prefecture, Japan
UNU Global Seminar, Shimane Session on "Prevention and Resolution of Conflict"
UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail:
[Press Release]

12-30 August, Amman, Jordan and Johannesburg, South Africa
UNU/LA Global Course on Leadership for Environment and Human Security
The course will take place in Amman followed by a field visit to Johannesburg (25-30 August 2002) to provide the participants with the necessary experiential learning on efforts at sustainable development and human security. This will also involve participation at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).
UNU/LA (Contact: Vinayak Rao, e-mail: or Khalid Akhal, e-mail:

23-24 August, Helsinki
WIDER project meeting on Sustainability of Development Financing
UNU/WIDER (Contact Matthew Odedokun, e-mail:

27-30 August, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
UNU Global Seminar, Hokkaido Session on "Information and Media in the Age of Globalization"
UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail:
[Press Release]

26-28 August, UNESCO, Paris, France
UNU-UNEP Scientific Meeting on "Agrodiversity in Development"
Organized by UNU in collaboration with UNEP.
UNU Centre (Contact: Liang Luohui).

August/September (date to be confirmed), Copenhagen, Denmark
WIDER Annual Lecture 2002 "The Impact of Globalization on World Inequality"
by Professor Jeffrey Williamson
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:



2-6 September, Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
UNU Global Seminar, Shonan Session on "Cross-border Movement of People"
UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail:
[Press Release]

5 September, Copenhagen
WIDER Annual Lecture Winners and Losers in Two Centuries of Globalization
by Professor Jeffrey G. Williamson at the University of Copenhagen
Sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:

5-8 September, Nairobi, Kenya
International Conference on "Sustainable Management of Headwater Resources"
- A contribution to the International Year of Freshwater 2003
This conference will examine special problems related to mountainous regions which are important sources of freshwaters. Discussion will focus on the interdisciplinary aspects of scientific and applied water resource management.
Co-organized by UNU, United States International University (USIU-Nairobi), United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO, Nairobi), United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (HABITAT), United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with Kenyatta University-Nairobi, International Association for Headwater Control (IAHC), International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC).
UNU Centre (Contact: Dr. H. Prasad, E-mail: or and Libor Jansky).
[Press Release]

6-7 September, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Industrial Innovation and Environmental Regulation: Toward an Integrated Approach
UNU/INTECH (Contact: Monique Seuren, Tel: (31-43) 350-6300; Fax: (31-43) 350-6399; e-mail:

10-13 September, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
UNU Global Seminar, Tohoku Session
UNU Centre (Contact: Megumi Kagawa, e-mail:
[Press Release]

10 September, Tokyo, Japan
Public lecture on: "A Japanese in In-Belbel Oasis: 40 Years' Experience in the Central Sahara"
By Prof. Iwao Kobori, Senior Programme Advisor, UNU Environment and Sustainable Development Programme
The lecture will cover Prof. Kobori's research experience of over 40 years in the area of traditional water distribution systems in the Sahara, with the help of a new Algerian documentary film. Prof. Kobori's work has been supported by the Japanese ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs, the Toyota Foundation and several international organizations including UNESCO, ICARDA and UNU.
UNU Centre (Contact: Zafar Adeel).

18 September, Tokyo, Japan
JIIA-UNU Symposium on "Conflict Prevention and Peace Building in East Timor: Roles of International Community for Nation Building"
To examine the transformation in UN peacekeeping operations within the context of nation building in East Timor, and the importance of such operations for today' s international community.
The Symposium is co-hosted by the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) and the United Nations University(UNU) with the support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
Contact the Symposium Secretariat, JIIA, Tel: 03-3503-7264; E-mail: or Oddny Wiggen), UNU.

18 September, New York
WIDER Research Presentation - Capital Flows to Developing Countries - does the Emperor have Clothes?
- (Ricardo Ffrench-Davis and Stephany Griffith Jones) UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:

19-20 September, Tokyo, Japan
UNU International Symposium on Information Technology and the Environment
To address the environmental implications of the "IT Revolution."
UNU Centre (Contact: Eric Williams).
[Press Release]

21-22 September, Oxford, UK
WIDER project conference: Spatial Inequality in Africa
at the Centre for Study of African Economies (Ravi Kanbur and Tony Venables)
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:

23 September, London
WIDER Book Launch - Group Behaviour and Development, is the Market Destroying Development
at the Overseas Development Institute (Judith Heyer, Frances Stewart, Rosemary Thorp, editors)
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:

26 September, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Second Annual Amilcar Herrera Public Lecture presented by Professor Nathan Rosenberg Sources of Innovation in Developing Economies: Reflections on the Asian Experience
UNU/INTECH (Contact: Monique Seuren, Tel: (31-43) 350-6300; Fax: (31-43) 350-6399; e-mail:

27-28 September, Helsinki
WIDER Development Conference on Poverty, International Migration and Asylum
(George Borjas and Jeffrey Crisp)
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:



1 October, Tokyo, Japan
Fourth U Thant Distinguished Lecture on Tuesday, 1 October 2002 on "Agriculture and Peace: The Role of Science and Technology in Feeding Humankind in the 21st Century".
Lecture by Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner.
UNU/IAS (Contact Peter J Marcotullio, e-mail:
[Press Release] 4-5 October, Helsinki
WIDER project meeting: Impact of WTO Agreement on Low Income Countries
(Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis) (contact:
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:

7-8 October, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
9-10 October, Awajishima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
UNU Global Seminar, Kobe-Awaji Session on "Building Peace-Towards Inclusive Society " ( provisional)
UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail:
[Press Release]

8 October 2002, Tokyo, Japan
UNU Roundtable Seminar on "Youth Culture in Japan"
The seminar will examine the "culture of cool" among youth in Japan, the impact of new technology on patterns of consumption, and the evolution of global youth culture, followed by a panel discussion focusing on youth culture and public policy in Japan. The seminar will be presented by the UNU Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU/IAS), the Ishikawa International Cooperation Research Centre (IICRC), Temple University Japan (TUJ) and WAKAI (UNU-Temple University Japan joint project).
UNU/IAS (Contact: Peter Marcotullio, UNU/IAS, E-mail:
[Press Release]

14 October, Bruges, Belgium
First UNU/CRIS annual lecture "From Trade-Led to Monetary-Led Regionalism: Why Asia in the 21st Century will be different to Western Europe in the 20th Century"
by Prof. Dr. Richard HIGGOTT, Director and Professor of International Political Economy, Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Reginalisation, University of Warwick.
UNU/CRIS (contact: L. Van Langenhove, e-mail:

16 October, Geneva
WIDER book launch and presentation - Governing Globalization
at UNCTAD (Deepak Nayyar and Yilmaz Akyüz)
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:

21 October, New York
WIDER book launch - Governing Globalization
at the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, UN (Nitin Desai, Deepak Nayyar and Joseph Stiglitz)
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:

24 October, Tokyo, Japan
2002 UN Day Symposium on "How to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals: The Roles of the UN System and Japan"
Jointly organized by UN agencies in Japan
UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail: Soisik Habert).
[Press Release]

29 October - 1 November, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek Global Mountain Summit
The Bishkek Global Mountain Summit will be the feature event of the International Year of Mountains 2002, drawing together the ideas and recommendations generated by previous events, from all levels and sectors of society, into proposals for concrete action.
Co-organized by UNU, Government of Kyrgyzstan, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Aga Khan Development Network, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and other UN and non-governmental organizations.
UNU Centre (Contact: Andrei Iatsenia, E-mail: and Libor Jansky).
[Press Release]

31 October - 1 November, UN House, Tokyo, Japan
"Clean Energy and Zero Emissions - Toward a Sustainable Future with Hydrogen Energy"
To consider the issue of how to realize hydrogen as a possible future fuel from various points of view.
Co-organized by the UNU Zero Emissions Forum and the Japan Society for the Promotion of the Science No. 168 Committee.

UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail: Kaoru Noguchi).
[Press Release]



2-3 November, Cholula, Mexico
WIDER project conference on Spatial Inequality in Latin America
Universidad de las Americas-Puebla (Ravi Kanbur, Tony Venables and Guanhua Wan)
Contact Luis F. Lopez-Calva, e-mail:

5-6 November, Tokyo, Japan
The Katoomba V International Conference on "Capturing the Value of Ecosystem Services: Developing Markets for Environmental Assets"
Organized by The Katoomba Group and Forest Trends
Participants will review the latest concepts in developing markets for ecosystem services; examine international case studies on markets involving ecosystem assets and services; identify potential partners and investments associated with emerging markets for carbon, water management and biodiversity habitat; explore the risks to investors arising ecosystem degradation; and debate the future interplay of financial and environmental interests.
UNU/IAS (Contact: Mohammed Taeb, UNU/IAS, E-mail:
[Press Release]

11 November, New York
WIDER book launch 'Group Behaviour and Development - Is the Market Destroying Cooperation?
at UNDP (Judith Heyer, Frances Stewart and Rosemary Thorp, editors)
UNU/WIDER (Contact e-mail:

11-16 November, Monterrey, Mexico
Course on "Genomic Tools for Research in Health"
UNU/BIOLAC (Contact Veronika Brundula Tel: +58-212-9621644 Fax: +58-212-9621120 email:,

22-23 November, UNU/CRIS, Brugge, Belgium
Research Conference on "Assessing the impact of regional integration agreements in the new commercial policy issues"
UNU/CRIS (contact: L. Van Langenhove, e-mail:

23-24 November, Tokyo, Japan
Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop International Conference 2002
To provide Japanese youth with an opportunity to consider environmental problems at both a global and a personal level, and to encourage them to think creatively about how we can resolve our environmental problems. Sponsored by the Association for the Promotion of the Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop and co-sponsored by the UNU.
UNU Centre (Contact: Susan Yoshimura).
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23-26 November, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
UNU Global Seminar, Kanazawa Session
UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail:
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25-29 November, Caracas, Venezuela
Course on "Statistics applied to Forensic genetics"
UNU/BIOLAC (Contact Veronika Brundula Tel: +58-212-9621644 Fax: +58-212-9621120 email:,

26 November, Tokyo, Japan
Lecture on "How can the impoverishment of the poorest countries be stopped"
by Mr. Rubens Ricupero, Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
IF you wish to attend, please contact by e-mail: or by fax: 03-3499-2828 by 21 November 2002.

29-30 November, Bruges, Belgium
Meeting on Regional Integration and Governance Network (RIGnet)
UNU/CRIS (contact: L. Van Langenhove, e-mail:



7 December, Tokyo, Japan
24th Conference of Directors of UNU Research and Training Centres and Programmes (RTC/Ps) (CONDIR)
UNU Centre (Contact: Max Bond).

9-13 December, Tokyo, Japan
Forty-ninth Session of the UNU Council
UNU Centre (Contact: Max Bond).

12 December, Tokyo, Japan
The 3rd Annual Michio Nagai Memorial Lecture on "The Future of Higher Education in Japan"
The annual Michio Nagai Memorial Lecture is organized to pay tribute to the important contributions made by the late Professor Michio Nagai, a former Minister of Education of Japan, to the development of UNU and to the internationalization of higher education in Japan.
UNU Centre (Contact e-mail: or Fax No. 03-3499-2828).
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13 December, Tokyo, Japan
International Symposium on "Islam: Fostering Peace and Dialogue in an Interdependent World"
The Symposium is intended to deepen mutual understanding of Islam and other religions and to promote stronger relations of friendship and cooperation between Japan and the Muslim world. Jointly organized by the Ambassadors of the member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the United Nations University
UNU Centre (Contact: Soisik Habert or or Fax No. 03-3499-2828).
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16 December, Tokyo, Japan
Seminar on "The Responsibility to Protect" (the report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS))
Co-hosted by the United Nations University (UNU) and the Canadian Embassy in Japan
UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail: Lysette Rutgers).
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19-22 December, Sashiki-cho, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
UNU Global Seminar, Okinawa Session on "From Conflict to Peace"
UNU Centre (Contact: e-mail:
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