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UNITAR donated books in the UNU Library


Previous holdings of the United Nations Institute for Training and  esearch (UNITAR) Library, comprising `Documents of League of Nations' `Security Council, Official Records, 1st year: 1946 to 8th year: 1953' `UNITAR Publications' and monographs on `International Law, World Politics and other UNU related subjects were processed as UNU Library collection in July 1993. The documents of League of Nations and Security Council were the collection of late Mr. W. Jenks, the sixth Director-General of the International Labour Office (ILO) who held the post between 1970 to 1973.


Initially catalogue cards were the only tool to retrieve title, author and subject. It was necessary to input bibliographic information from the cards into the UNU Library Collection Management System, which was developed in-house from 1996. A database to accomodate the UNITAR cataloguing data was prepared separately within UNU-LCMS. A number of Library volunteers and training students worked on this project tirelessly from 1998 for several years. By the year 2006,  integration of the cataloguing records into the LCMS as well as the same retrieval method became essential. The integration project was considered as one of the priority areas and was achieved by the end of 2006. Now bibliographic information of over 1,200 monographs are searchable through the UNU Library Collection Search system accessible in the Library.  The Web Catalogue Search interface though limited in function is also available.

Classification and shelf arrangement

Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) which was used by UNITAR Library is applied. Each book is arranged by the classification code indicated on a collection label.

They are located as follows:

League of Nations Documents

The documents are separately placed in the Library Hub to prevent further deterioration of papers from light, temperature, humidity, air pollution and insects.

Security Council Documents

The Security Council documents are combined with UNIC Tokyo collection in 2002 as a complete set and all are accessible in the UNU Library.

Electric Compact Shelf Unit No. 11

UNITAR Publications

Electric Compact Shelf Unit No. 12


Electric Compact Shelf Unit No. 17 & 18

Prepared by the UNU Library, 1996. Updated 25 April 2007