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The UNU Library

UNU Library: An Introduction

  • Features

    The Library of the United Nations University (UNU) is available as an information centre to assist the achievement of overall objectives of the UNU.

    Since its move to the newly built UNU Headquarters in mid-1992, library reorganization and development continue in harmony with new technologies.

    The main reading and reference area at the UNU Headquarters building occupies 450 square metres and is located on the second floor.

  • Collection

    The library collection comprises materials on subjects related to such UNU themes as Multilateralism and the UN System; Peace, Security, Human Rights; Economic and Social Change and Development; the Environment; and Application of Science and Technology to Development. Electronic formats such as CD-ROMs, on-line databases and the Internet resources are also accessible and are expanding in wider fields of application.

    Reference Books : approx. 3,900 volumes
    Monographs : approx. 15,000 volumes
    (Indexing Tool : UNBIS Thesaurus)
    (Classification : In-house)

    Periodicals : 518 titles (as of January 1998)
    Newsletters : 400 titles
    UNU Publications & Documents
    Selected UN Documents since 1978
    Selected UNITAR Publications
    Selected League of Nations Documents

  • Use of the library materials

    External users- scholars, academics and researchers- whose research activities are related to the UNU activities may be allowed to use the library materials. For permission, please contact the library staff.
    Tel: (03)3499-2811 Fax: (03)3499-2828 E-mail:
  • Classification & Location

    Reference books and monographs are classified as follows:-

    Reference books - located in the reference area
    ENC (Encyclopedias)
    DIC (Dictionaries)
    BIO (Biographies)
    DIR (Directories)
    BIB (Bibliographies)
    ANN (Annual/Semi-Annual Reports)
    YEA (Yearbooks)
    STA (Statistics)

    UNU - UNU Publications : Monographs, Serials, Periodicals, Reports and Proceedings etc.

    Monographs - located in the reading area
    AGR (Agriculture)
    FOO (Food and Nutrition)
    HEA (Health)
    DEV (Development)
    HUM (Human Rights, Peace, International Law)
    TEC (Technology in Development)
    CRI (Critical Ecological Zones)
    ENE (Energy)
    ENV (Environment)
    NRS (Natural Resources)
    AFR (Africa)
    ASI (Asia)
    LAT (Latin America)
    GEO (Geography and History)
    INF (Information, Library, Computer Sciences)
    LAW (Law)
    NSC (Natural Sciences)
    SSC (Social Sciences)
    EDU (Education)
    MIS (Miscellaneous)

    The current issues of journals are displayed alphabetically by title on the journal racks in the reference area.

    Selected UN Documents are filed by UN Document Series Symbols and located on the third floor.

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