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  February 1998    

Recent and Forthcoming UNU Activities

Recent UNU Activities


November 1997-July 1998, Madras, India: Training Course on "Solar Energy Utilization."

2-21 November, Buenos Aires, Argentina: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on "Development in Agro-biotechnology."

3-7 November, Johannesburg, South Africa: UNU-Africa Economic Research Consortium (AERC) Collaborative Conference on the Project "Asia and Africa in the Global Economy."

4-8 November, Antigua, Guatemala: First Workshop on "Leadership for Latin American Young Professionals in Food and Nutrition."

10-28 November, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: UNU/IIST Seminar on "Design Calculi and Research for Telecommunications Systems."

12 November, UNU Headquarters: UNU Pubic Forum on "Usable Science: El Nio Forecast in the Service of Society."

14-15 November, New York: Annual Symposium of the UNU Project on the "United Nations System in the 21st Century."

18-29 November, Havana, Cuba: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on "Expressions of Antibody Fragmentation in Bacteria and As Fusion Protein in Bacteriophage."

24 November-5 December, Havana: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on "Diagnosis of Tuberculosis."

1-5 December, Accra, Ghana: UNU/INRA Feasibility Study for the Preparation of a Proposal for the Development of a Germ Plasm Conservation Facility.

1-6 December, UNU Headquarters: Forty-fourth Session of the Council of the United Nations University.

Members of the UNU Council at its forty-fourth session.

1-19 December, Johannesburg: UNU/IIST seminar on "Design Calculi and Research for Telecommunications Systems."

3-7 December, Havana: Third Annual Workshop of the Tuberculosis Research Network.

8-13 December, Kunming, Yunnan, China: Third Conference of South-South Cooperation on "Multiple Resources and Land Use Planning in Biosphere Reserves and Similar Managed Areas As a Subject for Eco-development."

11-15 December, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan: UNU/PLEC Asian Regional Meeting.

18-19 December, Geneva, Switzerland: Colloquium on "Ethics and International Affairs."


7 January, Helsinki, Finland: UNU/WIDER Public Lecture on "More Instruments and Broader Goals: Moving toward the Post-Washington Consensus." 8-9 January, UNU Headquarters, Tokyo: First Workshop on the Project "Rising and Fading Powers: International Order in Transition."

14-16 January, Macau: Macau Information Technology Congress '98.

19 January-19 October, Madras, India: Training Course on Solar Energy Utilization.

21 January, Amman, Jordan: UNU/ILA Advisory Committee Meeting.

26-31 January, Surat, India: UNU/IIST Training Course on Specification and Verification of Real-time Systems Using Duration Calculus."

27 January, Tokyo: UNU/IAS Seminar on "Prospects for the Virtual University: The Technical, Academic and Institutional Challenges" by Dr. Philip Millar, Principal Lecturer of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

27-28 January, UNU Headquarters: Symposium on Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific Region - To Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (photograph).

Mary Robinson, UNHCR

Forthcoming UNU activities

2-21 February, Accra, Ghana: UNU/INRA Course on Computer Applications to Natural Resource Management in Africa.

4-6 February, Bangkok, Thailand: International Symposium on Information Technology Tools for Natural Disaster Risk Management.

5 February, Tokyo: UNU/IAS Seminar on "A Science with Consciousness as its Object" by Dr. Scott Hagan, McGill University.

10-24 February, Islamabad, Pakistan: UNU/ILA First Regional Leadership Programme.

12-13 February, Kyoto, Japan: Planning Workshop and International Symposium on Environmental Governance and Analytical Techniques: Air Pollution and Air Quality Monitoring.

16-20 February, Kyoto: Training Workshop for the Project "Environmental Monitoring and Analysis in the East Asian Region: Technology Transfer and Environmental Governance."

25-26 February, Tokyo: International Symposium on Global Mobilization of Intellectual Resources for the Development and Stability of Africa.

2-4 March, Campinas, So Paulo, Brazil: UNU/IAS First Workshop on Quartz Industrial Trade System (QITS): Material Life Cycle and Environmentally Sustainable Development.

2-13 March, Pathumtani, Thailand: Training Workshop on Asia-Pacific Mussel Watch: Heavy Metal, Organochlorine Pesticides and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Analysis Using the Mussel Watch Approach.

2-13 March, Neuquen, Argentina: UNU/IIST Training Course on Formal Software Development.

3-5 March, Tokyo: UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar on Environmental Education.

18-20 March, Calcutta, India: Ganges Basin Forum.

20-21 March, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (tentative): Planning Workshop on Institutions and Development in Africa.

29 March, Lisbon, Portugal: UNU/IIST Training Course on Semantics and Logic for Provable Fault-Tolerance.

29 March-4 April, Mbarara, Uganda: Workshop for the Project "People, Land Management and Environmental Change (UNU/PLEC).

30 March, UNU Headquarters: Award Ceremony for UNU Fellows.

1-9 April, Miranda, Venezuela: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on Simulation and Economic Evaluation of Biotechnological Processes.

1 April 1998-31 March 1999, Tsukuba, Japan: Training Programme on Food Science and Technology (UNU-Kirin Fellows).

17-18 April, Oxford, UK: UNU/INTECH's Second Workshop on Investing in the South: Technological and Financial Investment Decisions by Manufacturing Firms in Southern Europe.

20 April-1 May, Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea: UNU/IIST Training Course on Formal Software Development.

27 April-2 May, Beijing, China: Meeting of the Project on Sustainable Development Framework for Developing Countries: The Case of China.

27 April-27 October, Reykjavk, Iceland: UNU Geothermal Training Programme.

27 April-5 December, São José dos Campos, São Paulo: Training Programme on Remote Sensing Technology.

27 April-17 June, Geneva, Switzerland: Training Course on Analysis and Management of Geological Risks.

April 1998-March 1999, Campinas, So Paulo: Training Programme on Science and Technology Policy.

18-30 May, Beijing: UNU/IIST Training Course on Formal Techniques for Software Development.

20-22 May, London, UK: Workshop on Sustainability, Globalization and Hazards: Enhancing Resilience for Sustainable Development and Hazard Mitigation in an Era of Globalization.

8-10 June, Helsinki, Finland: Fourteenth Meeting of the UNU/WIDER Board.

11-14 June, Helsinki: UNU/WIDER Meeting of the Project on Information Technology and Growth.

22-23 June, UNU Headquarters: Conference on Asia and Africa in the Global Economy.

26-27 June, Maastrict, the Netherlands: UNU/INTECH Fourth Workshop on Environmental Regulation, Globalization of Production and Technological Change.

28-29 June, Accra: Regional Workshop on the Project "The Changing Nature of Democracy."

29 June-10 July, Mexico City, Mexico: UNU/BIOLAC Advanced Training Course on Scale-up of Biotechnological Bioprocesses.

29 June-19 July, Accra: UNU/INRA International Training Course in Plant Tissue Culture.

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