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  February 1998    

Of a more "personnel" nature

We are pleased to welcome several new faces to the UNU:

Mr. Tony Addison joined as a Research Fellow on 1 December.

Ms. Leanne Chervenic-Poeth joined as Secretary on 1 December.
Ms. Margaret Hoegen joined as Administrative Assistant on 1 October.
Mr. Martin Reed joined as Administrative Clerk on 1 October.
Ms. Jane Williams joined as Research Assistant on 1 October.

Mr. Siyuan Tian joined as Computer Systems Assistant on 1 November.

Dr. Brendan Barrett joined as Research Associate on 1 October.
Mr. Yasuhiko Hotta joined as Clerk on 1 November.
Ms. Taeko Okada joined as Secretary on 1 December.

We will miss our colleagues who have recently departed for new careers and lives beyond the UNU:

Ms. Chiyuki Aoi as Programme Associate on 31 December.
Mr. Mike Ashby as Editor on 30 November.
Ms. Princy Dias as Senior Secretary on 31 December.
Ms. Rogelia Kahlon as Secretary on 31 October.
Ms. Taeko Kataoka as Marketing and Sales Coordinator on 31 December.
Ms. Namiyo Seya as Senior Personnel Assistant on 31 December.
Ms. Kimiko Suzuki as Finance Clerk on 31 December.
Mr. Akihiko Tanaka as Senior Liaison Officer (Japan) on 7 November.

Dr. Maria InÍs Bastos as Research Fellow on 6 November.

Mr. Doan Anh Tuan as Computer Systems Assistant on 31 October.
Dr. Cornelis Middleburg as Senior Research Fellow on 31 December.

Mr. Eng-Leong Foo as Visiting Researcher on 3 December.

Ms. Mahasen Mahasneh as Liaison and Administrative Assistant on 31 January.

(This section reflects personnel changes from October to December 1997.)

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