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  December 1999    

Forthcoming UNU activities

11 January, Tokyo: "UNU-Akino Memorial Research Project Introductory Seminar"

11-14 January, Macau: Conference on "Mathematics and its Role in Civilization" (UNU/IIST)

17-18 January, Tokyo: Public Lecture on "Gaian Corporation" (UNU/IAS)

18 January, Tokyo: Preliminary Meeting on World Governance Survey

18-19 January, Kanazawa, Japan: Conference on "Creative Urban Transformation: Setting an Alternative Urban Development Agenda for the Millenium" (IICRC)

19-21 January, Cuernavaca, Mexico: Regional Workshop on the UNU Project on "The Changing Nature of Democracy: Latin America"

19-21 January, Tokyo: International Conference: "On the Threshold: The United Nations and Global Governance in the New Millenium"

26-27 January, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China: Coordination Team Meeting of the UNU Project on "People, Land Management and Environmental Change" (UNU/PLEC)

1-10 February, Caracas: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on "Molecular Biology Techniques" (at IVIC)

22-23 February, New York: UNU Briefing Workshop on "Trade, Environment and Development - UNCTAD 10" (UNU/GEIC)

25-26 February, Athens: Third Workshop of the Project "Investment and Technology Decisions of Firms in Southern Europe" (UNU/INTECH)

4 March, Tokyo: Award Ceremony for UNU-Kirin Fellows

6-8 March, Tokyo: Conference on "Information Environment and International Cooperation for the 21st Century: Realizing a Global Information Society" (UNU/IAS, JSPS & Engineering Academy of Japan)

6-9 March, Macau: Joint UNU/NCAR/UNEP Meeting on El Nio

13-14 March, Delhi: Review Meeting of the Project on "Sustainable Development Framework for India" (UNU/IAS)

18 March, Los Angeles: UNU Panel on the Project "Kosovo and the International Community: Selective Indignation, Collective Intervention, and the Changing Contours of World Politics"

21 March, New York: UNU Symposium on "Kosovo and the International Community: Selective Indignation, Collective Intervention, and the Changing Contours of World Politics"

23-24 March, New York (tentative): Workshop on World Governance Survey

26-30 March, Okinawa: Workshop on "Asia-Pacific Cooperation on Research and Conservation of Mangroves" (with UNESCO and ISME)

29-31 March, Coventry, UK: Workshop on UNU Project on "Civil Society and Global Finance"

March (tentative), Irapuato, Mexico: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on "Analysis and Manipulation of the Fungal Genome" (at CINVESTAV)

10-14 April, Washington, DC: Twenty-Seventh Session of the Subcommittee on Nutrition of the UN Administrative Committee on Coordination

16-17 April, Kuala Lumpur; 18-21 April, Singapore: International Symposium and Training Workshop under the UNU Project on "Environmental Monitoring and Governance in Coastal Area"

April (tentative), Tokyo: Second Workshop on the Project "New Diplomacy: The United Nations, Like-Minded Countries and Non-Governmental Organizations"

April-June, Geneva: Training Course on "Analysis and Management of Geological Risks" (at Univ. of Geneva)

April-October, Reykjavik: UNU Geothermal Training Programme (with NEA)

April-December, So Jos Dos Campos, Brazil: Training Programme on "Remote Sensing Technology" (at INPE)

April 2000-March 2001, Tsukuba, Japan: UNU Fellowships at National Food Research Institute (NFRI)

April 2000-March 2001, Campinas, Brazil: Training Programme on "Science and Technology Policy" (at UNICAMP)

15 May-23 June, Tokyo: UNU International Courses

22-23 May, Tokyo: International Conference on "Business and the Global Environment" (UNU/IAS)

26 May-1 June, Belem and Macapa, Brazil: UNU/PLEC Third General Meeting, Fourth Management Group Meeting, and Management Team Meeting

29-30 May, Nairobi: UNU-AERC Plenary on "Globalization and Africa"

Last week of May (tentative), Tokyo: Fifth UNU/IAS Board Meeting

May, Tokyo: Third International Conference on "Sustainable Future of the Global System" (UNU/IAS, OECD)

May (tentative), Helsinki: Project Meeting on "The Social Impact of Privatization and the Regulation of Utilities in Latin America" (UNU/WIDER)

May (tentative), Helsinki: Project Meeting on "Globalization and the Obstacles to the Successful Integration of Small Vulnerable Economies" (UNU/WIDER)

5-7 June, Maastricht: Eleventh UNU/INTECH Board Meeting

19-20 June, Helsinki: Sixteenth UNU/WIDER Board Meeting

June, Maastricht: Fourth Workshop of the Project "Investment and Technology Decisions of Firms in Southern Europe" (UNU/INTECH)

June (tentative), Beijing: Conference on "Innovation Policy in Economic Transition" (UNU/INTECH & China Ministry of Science and Tech.)

June (tentative), Tokyo: Second International Symposium on "Global Environment and Economic Theory" (UNU/IAS)

June-July (tentative), Mexico: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on "Environmental Biotechnology" (at UNAM)

June-November, Reykjavik: Fisheries Training Programme (at Marine Research Institute)

June (tentative), New York: UNU Workshop on Land Degradation (UNU/GEIC)

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