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  December 1998    

Forthcoming UNU activities

7-11 December, UNU Headquarters: Forty-fifth Session of the UNU Council.

10-17 December, Quito, Ecuador: Third International Symposium on Sustainable Mountain Development: Understanding Interfaces of Andean Cultural Landscapes for Management.

18-19 December, Singapore: Second Workshop of the UNU Project on Rising and Fading Powers: International Order in Transition.


4-5 January, New York, USA: Workshop of the UNU Project on Legitimacy of International Organizations.

4-8 January, Amazonia, Brazil: Invited Speech in the Seventh International Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology.

18-20 January, Bangkok, Thailand: Workshop on Seismic Risk Management for Asia Pacific Region.

20-24 February, Cairo Egypt: UNU/IIST Training Course on Formal Methods in Software Development, organized jointly by UNU/IIST and Cairo University.

20-28 January, Xishuangbanna and Baoshan, Yunnan Province, China: Field Meeting of Biodiversity Advisory Group of UNU/PLEC.

1 February-12 March, UNU Headquarters: UNU International Courses (four six-week modular courses).

9-10 February, UNU Headquarters: Symposium on Environmental Governance and Analytical Techniques: Environmental Issues Related to EDC (Endocrine Disrupter Compounds) Pollution in East Asia.

15 February, Bonn, Germany: UNU/WIDER Presentation on "Is Inequality Harmful to Growth?" at North-South Centre for Development Reserarch University of Bonn.

15-16 February, UNU Headquarters: UNU/IAS Policy Working Group Meeting on Sustainable Future of the Global Systems.

17-19 February, UNU Headquarters: UNU/IAS Tokyo Conference on Sustainable Future of the Global Systems.

25 February, Helsinki, Finland: UNU/WIDER Public Lecture on the Asian Crisis: The End or the Beginning?

February, Dhaka, Bangladesh: Planning Meeting for Sustainable Development of Ganges River.

February, Maghrebian Region of North Africa: UNU/IIST 2-week RAISE/DC Course.

Late February-early March, New York: UNU/WIDER Presentation of Policy Brief on "The Wave of Emergencies of the Last Decade: Causes, Extent, Predictability and Response" to the UN General Assembly.

3-5 March, Colombo, Sri Lanka: UNU/WIDER Presentation on "Safety Nets, Poverty and Income Distribution in Stabilization and Adjustment Programme" at the G-24 Meeting.

12-13 March, Florence, Italy (provisional): Second Review Meeting of the UNU Project on Ethics and International Affairs.

March, Honolulu, USA: UNU Session on the Urban Social Vulnerability at the Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG).

April, Beijing, China: UNU/IIST Training Course for Beijing Institute for Information and Control.

April, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam: UNU/IIST Course on Formal Software Development Using RAISE.

Late April, New York: UNU/WIDER Presentation of initial results of project "New Roles and Functions for the UN and the Bretton Woods Institutions" to the UN General Assembly.

16-18 May, Toluca, Mexico: Third Meeting of PLEC Management Group.

24-26 May, Macau: UNU/IIST Annual Board Meeting.

25-28 May, UNU Headquarters: UNU/IAS International Conference on Toward a Science of Consciousness - Fundamental Approaches.

14-15 June, Helsinki: UNU/WIDER Board Meeting.

23-25 June, Macau: Global Chinese Conference on Computer in Education '99, co-organized by UNU/IIST and University of Macau.

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