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  December 1998    

Recent UNU activities

6 September, Boston, USA: First Review Meeting for the Project on Rising and Fading Powers: International Order in Transition.

6-19 September, Irapuato, Mexico: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on Analysis and Manipulation of the Fungal Genome.

7-11 September, Kanagawa, Japan: UNU Global Seminar '98, Shonan Session on the topic the United Nations and Human Rights.

7-11 September, Hanoi, Viet Nam: UNU/IIST Training Course on Introduction to Formal Methods and Duration Calculus for Ph.D. and M.Sc. students at the Faculty of Information Technology for National University of Hanoi.

14 September, UNU Headquarters: Press Briefing on the Launch of UNU International Courses.

17 September, UNU Headquarters: UNU Public Forum on Climate Change and the WTO: Environment and Trade Conflict.

18-19 September, Phuket, Thailand: Universal Networking Language (UNL) '98 Asian Workshop.

21-22 September, Accra: UNU/INRA Board Meeting.

29 September-2 October, Kobe, Japan: UNU Global Seminar '98, Kobe Session on the topic Human Rights and Future Generations.

2-3 October, New York: First Review Meeting of the Project on Ethics and International Affairs.

5-9 October, Paris, France: UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education: Higher Education in the 21st Century - Vision and Action.

5-23 October, Hurlingham, Argentina: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course of the Brucellosis Research Network on Molecular Biology Applied to Diagnosis and Epidemiology of Brucellosis.

5-23 October, Wageningen, the Netherlands: Training Course on Production and Use of Food Composition Data in Nutrition (FoodComp '98).

8-9 October, Tokyo: INCEDE-UNU Public Lecture on the Role of Communication Media in Disaster Reduction.

12-15 October, Dakar, Senegal: Fourth African Conference on Research in Computer Science (CARI '98).

12 October-6 November, Trieste, Italy: Fifth College on Microprocessor-based Real-time Systems in Physics.

14 October, New York: UNU-UNITAR Joint Seminar on Climate Change Convention - Fourth Conference of Parties: Challenges and Opportunities.

16 October, Tokyo: UNU Public Forum on Institutions and Development in Africa.

16-17 October, Lisbon, Portugal: UNU/INTECH International Conference on Industrial Structure, Innovation Dynamics and Technology Policy.

19-21 October, Tokyo: The Second Tokyo International Conference on African Develpoment.

19-21 October, Maastricht: UNU/INTECH Board Meeting.

22-23 October, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: Second Meeting of UNU/INWEH International Advisory Committee.

23 October, UNU Headquarters: UN Day Symposium on Human Rights and the Role of the United Nations.

26-27 October, UNU Headquarters: Second Workshop on QITS (Quartz Industrial Trade System): Sustainability and the Rise of High-tech Silicon Industries.

26-28 October, Macau: UNU/IIST Board Meeting.

26 October-6 November, La Paz, Bolivia: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on Rapid Methods for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Disease: Culture and Drug Sensitivity Testing.

27-28 October, Tokyo: UNU/IAS Board Meeting.

29 October-2 November, UNU Headquarters and Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture, Japan: International Conference on Man and the Ocean.

October 1998-September 1999, Nairobi, Kenya: Training Programme on Applied Human Nutrition.

4 November, UNU Headquarters: Fritjof Nansen Memorial Lecture 1998 on the Humanitarian Challenge in a World of Conflict: The Plight of Land Mine Victims by Dr. Astrid Noklebye Heiberg, President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

9 November-4 December, Trieste: Training Course on Advanced Very Large Scale Integration Design Techniques.

12-13 November, UNU Headquarters: Third Japan Zero Emissions Network UNU Conference.

19-20 November, UNU Headquarters: Asia Pacific Regional and International Symposia on Children in Armed Conflict.

20-23 November, New York: UNU/IAS Universal Networking Language (UNL) Symposium 1998.

27-28 November, Kanazawa, Japan: IICRC International Conference, "Towards a New Vision: Traditional Crafts for Sustainable Development"

29 November-9 December, Caracas, Venezuela: UNU/BIOLAC Training Course on Polymerase Chain Reaction, Differential Gene Expression and DNA Applications in Diagnosis.

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