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  December 1998    

The UNU wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the following contributions received from 1 January-30 September 1998. (All figures in US$)

Canada 733,014.95
Finland (SITRA) 36,900.00
Finland (SITRA) 45,771.66
Greece 42,000.00
India 75,000.00
Macau 23,940.15
The Netherlands 391,516.39
The Netherlands 12,323.40
Norway 50,000.00
Sweden (SIDA) 20,647.99
Subtotal 1.431.114.54
Other donors
Aeon Group Environmental
Amway Japan Ltd. 14,615.39
ASCII (Japan) 525,154.00
Bdeir, I. (Jordan) 5,000.00
Canadian Council for Human Resources in the Environment Industry 4,225.36
Dar Al-Handasah, K. (Jordan) 5,000.00
DDI Corp. (Japan) 1,799.24
Ebara Corp. (Japan) 34,364.26
Eisaku Sato Memorial Foundation for Co-operation with the UNU (Japan) 7,812.50
Environmental Information
European Commission 16,729.19
European Commission 35,704.39
European Union Keep-in-Touch 1,733.74
Fast Link (Jordan) 20,000.00
Global Environment Facility (USA) 1,286,349.00
IBRD (World Bank) 5,000.00
IDRC (Canada) 14,876.50
Ishikawa Foundation for
International Exchange
Japan Radio Co., Ltd. 1,799.24
Jumblat, T. (Jordan) 3,000.00
Junta de Aqua y Saneamiento
de Juarez
Kansai Digital Phone Co., Ltd. (Japan) 575.76
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Japan) 1,799.24
Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research 12,254.90
Nippon Ericsson K.K. 3,598.48
Nippon Foundation 36,300.00
NTT Mobile Communication Network Inc. (Japan) 1,799.24
NTT Personal Communications
Network Inc.
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (Japan) 3,598.48
Omron Corp. (Japan) 3,598.48
R.I.O. IMPULS (Switzerland) 8,600.00
Shimon Peres Center for Peace (Israel) 2,600.00
Tokai Digital Phone Co., Ltd. (Japan) 575.76
UN Development Programme (Malaysia) 218,700.00
University of Macau (Macau) 6,168.46
Subtotal 2,458,206.89
Grand Total 3,889,321.43

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