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  December 1998    

Staff news
Since 1 June, the following personnel joined the UNU staff on a full-time basis:

Mr. Peter Button, Personnel Officer
Dr. Albrecht Schnabel, Programme Officer
Dr. Zafar Adeel, Programme Officer
Dr. Edward Newman, Programme Associate
Ms. Wakako Ueno, Programme Associate
Dr. Deny Hidayati, Visiting Scholar
Ms. Sonoko Okano, Receptionist

Dr. Joonghae Suh, Research Fellow
Dr. Sunil Mani, Research Fellow
Dr. Catherine Adeya, Research Fellow

Dr. Jifeng He, Senior Research Fellow

Ms. Eugina Aggrey, Bilingual Secretary

Dr. Chia-lung Lin, Visiting Research Associate
Mr. Hiroaki Takagi, Visiting Fellow
Mr. Edward Shieh, Research Associate
Dr. Thangavel Palanivel, Research Associate
Mr. V. Ampornaramveth, Computer Assistant
Dr. Hoesung Lee, Visiting Professor
Mr. Teeratep Sosakul, Computer Assistant
Mr. Raman Letchumanan, Research Assistant
Ms. Motoko Seko, Temporary Assistant
Ms. Clelia Piragibe, Paper Writer
Dr. Yuqing Xing, Project Coordinator

Dr. Anwar Al-Said, Assistant Director
Ms. Reem Al-Kawas, Secretary
Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim, Messenger/Driver

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