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  December 1998    

Japan ZERI experts confer
The third Japan Zero Emissions Network UNU Conference took place at the Headquarters on 12 and 13 November.

The United Nations University launched the Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI) five years ago. The recent conference focused on extending zero emissions strategies to include Japanese communities as well as industries.

Thus, new zero-emissions activities in Japan will include industries, national and local government agencies, and citizens in decisions on how to implement sustainability.

The first keynote session featured a speech by Dr. Keizo Yamaji, Chairman of Nihon Tetra Pak, and a panel discussion between representatives of Japan's Environment Agency, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Construction, and of Keio University and UNU's Institute of Advanced Studies.

Tokyo's Governor, Mr. Yukio Aoshima, joined via Internet the discussion with four other local government representatives, representatives of Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Corp. and the Japan Management Association Research Institute.

Further sessions focused on academic research on zero emissions issues and ISO 14001, and participants represented top corporations and universities from across Japan.

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