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Miguel Urrutia
(1982 - 1985)

Dr. Miguel Urrutia, a Colombian economist and labour specialist, is the Vice-Rector of the Development Studies Division of the United Nations University. He joined the University in January 1982, following his appointment by the Rector, Soedjatmoko.

The Development Studies Division, one of three new modes of operation adopted by the UN University for the implementation of its 1982-87 Medium-Term Perspective, is concerned with empirical, country specific and comparative country research as well as policy research and related postgraduate training.

Dr. Urrutia has held a number of governmental posts in Colombia, including Minister of Energy (1977); Executive Director, with cabinet rank, of the National Department of Planning (1974-1977); Deputy Governor of the Banco de Republica de Colombia, in charge of monetary policy; and Adviser to the Monetary Board of the Junta Monetaria de Colombia.

From 1978, Dr. Urrutia was Executive Director of FEDESARROLLO, a private development research institute in Colombia and has also been a professor at the Universidad de los Andes.

Dr. Urrutia has published a number of books on economics, labour and development, including The Development of the Colombian Labour Movement (Yale University Press), Employment and Unemployment in Colombia (Universidad de los Andes), Compendium of Historical Statistics (Nationai University of Colombia), and Income Distribution in Colombia (Yale University Press).

He was educated at Harvard University and the University of California at Berkeley in the U.S.A., receiving a Ph.D. in economics from the latter institution.