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Edward W. Ploman
(in memoriam)

Vice-Rector, Global Learning Division
(1981 - 1986)

Mr. Edward W. Ploman, a Swedish expert in international communications, was the Vice-Rector of the Global Learning Division of the United Nations Univesity. His appointment was announced by the Rector of the University, Soedjatmoko, in December 1981.

The Global Learning Division, one of three new modes of operation adopted by the UN University for the implementation of its 1982-87 Medium-Term Perspective, is concerned with the dissemination of the results of the University's research, in both traditional and innovative ways, to extend the outreach of the UNU, to promote a more even global distribution of the capacities to create and have access to knowledge, and to study the implications of developments in information science and technology.

Mr. Ploman brought to the University some three decades of experience of international communications in his native Sweden, Europe, and United Nations agencies. From 1972-1981 he was Executive Director of the International Institute of Communications in London. Previously he worked for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation and acted as consultant to various Swedish ministries and as a Swedish delegate to intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. He has worked in various capacities for the European Broadcasting Union, the United Nations, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and other bodies.

Mr. Ploman has published many books and articles in scholarly journals on satellite broadcasting, communications technology, information flow and communications policy and planning in development and relevant international law. His most recent book is International Law Governing Communications and Information (London, 1982).

He was educated at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, from which he received an LL.B degree in 1950.