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Former Senior Staff

Former Rectors

James Hester

Dr. James M. Hester (USA)

First Rector • 1975–1980


Mr. Soedjatmoko (Indonesia)

Second Rector • 1980–1987

Heitor Gurgulino de Souza

Prof. Heitor Gurgulino de Souza (Brazil)

Third Rector • 1987–1997

Hans van Ginkel

Prof. Dr. J. A. van Ginkel (Netherlands)

Fourth Rector • 1997–2007

Former Vice-Rectors

Dr. Abraham Besrat (Ethiopia)


Dr. Roland Fuchs (USA)

Vice-Rector, Development Studies Division

Dr. Takashi Inoguchi (Japan)

Senior Vice-Rector

Prof. Alexander A. Kwapong (Ghana)

Vice-Rector, Institutional Planning and Resource Development Division

Dr. Walter Manshard (Germany)

Vice-Rector, Natural Resources Programme

Dr. Kinhide Mushakoji (Japan)

Vice-Rector, Regional and Global Studies

Mr. Edward Ploman (Sweden)

Vice-Rector, Global Learning Division

Prof. Motoyuki Suzuki (Japan)

Vice-Rector for Environment and Sustainable Development Programme

Dr. Miguel Urrutia (Colombia)

Vice-Rector, Development Studies Division

Former Senior Advisors to the Rector

Dr. Ichiro Kato (Japan)

Senior Adviser to the Rector

Dr. Michio Nagai (Japan)

Senior Adviser to the Rector

Dr. Sogo Okamura (Japan)

Senior Adviser to the Rector

Dr. Saburo Okita (Japan)

Senior Adviser to the Rector

Professor Hideo Sato (Japan)

Senior Adviser to the Rector

Dr. Nevin S. Scrimshaw (USA)

Senior Adviser to the Rector for the World Hunger Programme


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