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UNU Global Seminar Series

Hand-coloured engraving by Phillipe Galle from Theatri Orbis Terrarum Enchiridion, 1585
From Theatri Orbis Terrarum Enchiridion, text by Hugo Favolius with hand-coloured engravings by Phillipe Galle. Antwerp, 1585.

The UNU Global Seminars are held annually in Japan and abroad in an effort to increase awareness and enhance understanding of contemporary global issues and the role of the United Nations. This aim is achieved through close interaction of students and young professionals with scholars and experts working in the UNU's global networks.

The Hawaii Session will not held this year.

Jeju Session

Promoting Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World

Date: 18-22 July
Location: Jeju, Republic of Korea


Shimane/Yamaguchi Session

Terrorism - A Global Challenge

Date: 5-8 August
Location: University of Shimane, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Programme (2.8 MB PDF, EN/JP)


Public Keynote Lectures

International terrorism and the United Nations
Prof. Ramesh THAKUR, Senior Vice-Rector, United Nations University

Clash of civilizations or failure of politics?
Prof. SAKAI Keiko, Professor, Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Session I: What is terrorism?

Terrorism in the 21st century
Prof. MIYASAKA Naofumi, Associate Professor, Dept. of International Relations, National Defense Academy in Japan

Religion, religious extremism, terrorism
Prof. IKEUCHI Satoshi, Associate Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies

Session II: Countering terrorism

National and regional approaches to terrorism: Lessons from Southeast Asia
Prof. TAKEDA Isami, Professor, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dokkyo University

Mass media, terrorism and counterterrorism
Prof. Brigitte NACOS, Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Political Science, Columbia University

Session III: Outlook

Fight against terror and human rights - From the perspective of human security
Prof. MUSHAKOJI Kinhide, Professor and Director, Centre for Asia-Pacific Partnership, Osaka University of Economics and Law

Longer-term approaches to terror prevention with reference to social factors such as societal changes and the role of civil society
Ms. Nasra HASSAN, Director, United Nations Information Service in Vienna and Spokesperson for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Group Presentations

Hokkaido Session

Economic Development in Northeast Asia and its contribution to the World: Economic Integration and Globalization

Date: 26-29 August
Location: Otaru University of Commerce, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Programme (813 KB PDF, EN/JP)

Shonan Session

Sustainable Peacebuilding and Development: A New Global Agenda

Date: 4-8 September
Location: Shonan Village Center, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Kobe/Awaji Session

Global Order Adrift and Challenges in Peacebuilding

Date: 5-8 September

Public Keynote Lecture 1

Public Keynote Lecture 2

Session 1: Consolidating Peace and Governance

Session 2: Towards Reconciliation and Coexistence

Group Presentations

Tohoku Session

Crisis and Risk Management across the Globe

Date: 10-13 September
Location: Hirosaki University, Aomori Prefecture, Japan


Registration is now closed for this seminar

Kanazawa Session

Global Environment and Human Society: The Role of the UN, Government, and Civil Society

Date: 23-26 November
Location: Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

Website (in Japanese)

Media Release (56 KB PDF)

Programme (1 MB PDF)


Public Keynote Lectures

Ecosystems and human well-being: findings of the millennium ecosystem assessment
Prof. A.H. Zakri, Director, United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies

Satoyama problems in Japan: current state and response strategies, with special reference to biodiversity conservation in Ishikawa Prefecture
Prof. Koji Nakamura, Professor, Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology and Faculty of Science, Kanazawa University

Session 1: Global Environmental Change and Governance

1. Global change, ecosystem services and human well-being
Dr. Habiba Gitay, Visiting Fellow, Australian National University

2. The role of science in environmental policy making
Mr. W. Bradnee Chambers, Senior Programme Officer, United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies

Session 2:Nature Conversation: The Roles of Local Communities

3. Economic development and natural cost in Mongolian Steppe
Prof. Yuki Konagaya, Professor, Center of Research Development, National Museum of Ethnology

4. Charcoal maker and forest regeneration
Prof. Satoko Yoshimura, Assistant Professor, History Division of Research Department, National Museum of Japanese History

Session 3: The Role of Governments and Corporations

5. Desirable policy and measures in line with millennium ecosystem assessment recommendations
Prof. Hiroji Isozaki, Professor, Faculty of Law, Meiji-gakuin University

6. Clean energy for future transportation
Mr. Yuichiro Shimura, Senior Consultant, Energy Policy and Technology Research Division, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Group Presentations

Okinawa Session

Globalization: What can we do to establish a peaceful coexistence?

Date: 16-19 December
Location: Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

Programme (716 KB PDF)

Media Release (47 KB PDF)


Public Keynote Lectures

1. What is Globalization?
Prof. Toshio Iyotani, Graduate School/Faculty of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University

2. The Decent Work Agenda and Globalization in Asia
Ms. Lin Lean Lim, Deputy Regional Director, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Session 1: International Migration

3. International Labour Migration
Prof. Nana Oishi, Division of Social Sciences, International Christian University

4. Global Human Capital Development
Mr. Masaaki Nishizawa, General Manager, HR Strategy & Training, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Session 2: Cross-border Movement and Conflict

5. International Transfer of Care Labour
Prof. Ruri Ito, Institute for Gender Studies, Ochanomizu University

6. Transborder as Essence of Religion and Commerce
Prof. Teiko Mishima, Department of Social Research, National Museum of Ethnology (MINPAKU)

7. Seeking the Way to Establish a Convivial Relationship between Japanese and Foreigners
Mr. Mohammad Anwer, Former Chiarperson, The Kawasaki City Representative Assembly for Foreign Residents

8. Emigrants' Expanded Network
Dr. Robert T. Nakasone, Founder, WUB (Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association) International

Group Presentations

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


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