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18th Shonan Session

Written materials
used for presentations by lecturers during the
18th Shonan Session held at
Shonan Village Center, Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan,
2-6 September 2002.

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Keynote Lecture 1 - by Prof. Takashi Miyajima, Rikkyo University
"Cross-border Movement of People: Current Issues and Challenges"
[English abstract/Japanese abstract]

Keynote Lecture 2 - by Prof. Shingo Minamizuka, Chiba University
"Perspective from Socio-economic History"
[Japanese abstract]

Keynote Lecture 3 - by Prof. Toshio Iyotani, Hitotsubashi Univeristy
"Poverty, Development and Human Security"
[English abstract/Japanese abstract]

Keynote Lecture 4 - by Prof. Maria Cynthia Rose Banzon Bautista, University of Philippines
"Migrant Workers and their Environment"
[English abstract]

Keynote Lecture 5 - by Prof. Mari Oka, Kyoto University
"Transformation of Society"
[Japanese abstract]

Keynote Lecture 6 - by Mr. Hiroshi Tanaka, Executive Secretary, The Institute for Himalayan Conservation
"Cultural Understanding Through Alternative Tourism"
[English abstract/Japanese abstract]

Keynote Lecture 7 - by Prof. Harald Kleinschmidt, University of Tsukuba
"Policy of EU"
[English abstract/English full text]

Keynote Lecture 8 - by Prof. Kenji Takita, Chuo University
"Policy of USA"
[Japanese abstract]

Keynote Lecture 9 - by Mr. Nobutaka Shinomiya, Deputy Director-General, Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice
"Policy of Japan"
[no text]

Keynote Lecture 10 - by Mr. Farooq Azam, Chef of Mission/Regional Representative, International Organization for Migration(IOM), Bangkok
"Globalization and Migration"
[no text]

Keynote Lecture 11 - by Dr. Diego Rosero, Senior Legal Officer, UNHCR, Tokyo
"Refugee Issues"
[English outline/English full text]