Inaugural Shimane-Yamaguchi Session

Yamaguchi, Japan,
6-9 August 2005

Lecture papers submitted for the Session Japanese page

Keynote lectures open to the public
Lecture 1
"National meaning vs. international meaning: The Genbaku Dome"
Mr. HIRAOKA Takashi, Former Mayor of Hiroshima
Abstract (English, Japanese)

Lecture 2
"International cooperation in the protection of a World Heritage: Angkor"
Prof. ISHIZAWA Yoshiaki, Chief of Sophia University Angkor International Mission
Abstract (English, Japanese)

Session I: Why Designate World Heritage?
Lecture 3
"World Heritage: Historical background and current issues"
Dr. INABA Nobuko, Head, Project Planning/Conservation Systems Section, Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo
Abstract (English, Japanese)

Lecture 4
"Fostering of cultural identity and diversity in the World Heritage System"
Prof. Sharon SULLIVAN, Cultural Heritage Management Consultant
Abstract (Japanese) Full text (English)

Session II: Culture, Society and World Heritage
Lecture 5
"The Historic villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama"
Prof. SAITO Hidetoshi, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, Tsukuba University
Abstract (English, Japanese) Full text (Japanese)

Lecture 6
"Conservation and progress, bridging the gap: The case of the Ifugao Rice Terraces"
Prof. David Leonides T. YAP, Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, the University of the Philippines
Abstract ( English, Japanese) Full text (English)

Session III: Nature, Environment and World Heritage
Lecture 7
"The World Heritage Convention of UNESCO - A flagship of the global nature conservation strategy"
Prof.Dr. Harald PLACHTER, Division of Nature Conservation, University of Marburg, Germany
Abstract (English, Japanese) Full text (English)

Lecture 8
"Losses and gains: The World Heritage designation for Yakushima"
Mr. HOSHIKAWA Jun, Writer/Translator
Abstract (English, Japanese) Full text (Japanese)

Group presentations made on the final day of the session

Group 1 - English
Group 2 - Japanese
Group 3 - Japanese
Group 4 - Japanese
Group 5 - Japanese