5th Shimane Session

the University of Shimane, Hamada, Shimane Prefecture, Japan,
2-5 August 2004

Written materials used for presentations by lecturers during the Session Japanese page

Lecture 1 (public lecture)
"Reinterpreting Japan - from the perspective of marine history"
Professor KAWAKATSU Heita
International Research Center for Japanese Studies

Lecture 2 (public lecture)
"Observing the ocean and forecasting its future: The development of the Global Ocean Observing System"
Dr. Patricio BERNAL
Executive Secretary, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO Full text (English); Presentation (English)

Lecture 3
"Maritime society: Zones of trade, migration, and belief"
Professor HAMASHITA Takeshi
Faculty of Economics, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
Outline (English, Japanese); Full text (Japanese)

Lecture 4
"Sustainable use of marine resources: Lessons from the Pacific islands"
Senior Lecturer, Marine Affairs Programme, University of the South Pacific
Abstract (English); Full text (English); Presentation (English)

Lecture 5
"Conservation of coral reef ecosystems and socio-economic dilemma: Cases from Thailand, Indonesia and Okinawa"
Professor AKIMICHI Tomoya
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Abstract (English, Japanese); Full text (Japanese) Presentation (Japanese)

Lecture 6
"Current issues in international fishery resources"
Professor TSURU Yasuko
Associate Professor, Dept. of Applied Social Sciences, Tokyo Gakugei University
Abstract (English, Japanese); Full text (Japanese) Presentation (Japanese)

Lecture 7
"International control of marine pollution: What has been achieved and problems involved"
Professor MIZUKAMI Chiyuki
Graduate School of Social Science, Hiroshima University
Outline (English, Japanese); Full text (Japanese)

Group presentations made on the final day of the session

Group 1 - English
Group 2 - Japanese
Group 3 - Japanese
Group 4 - Japanese
Group 5 - Japanese