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Ruediger Kuehr

European focal point of ZEF


Ruediger Kuehr, a German national, is heading the European Focal of UNU's Zero Emissions Forum (ZEF). ZEF is an initiative promoting the realization of a more sustainable industrial-societal system in which the concept of integrated industrial systems plays a key-role. Ruediger coordinates also the "Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP)" Initiative, which initiates and develops just and environmentally safe solutions for the e-waste problem through analysis, planning and pilot projects in joint cooperation with industry, governments, academia and NGOs. He also functions as secretary of the "Alliance of Global Eco-Structuring (AGES)", a joint initiative of almost a dozen strategic approaches towards sustainability.

Ruediger Kuehr has co-edited several books including "Computers and the
Environment: Understanding and Managing their Impacts (2004)", whose research results have received wide attention around the world. He also publishes and lectures on e.g. environmental technology transfer, transnational environmental policies, strategic sustainable development, and development cooperation.

A political scientists by education with MA studies in Muenster (Germany), and PhD studies in Osnabrueck (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan) he served as Senior R & D Specialist with The Natural Step (Sweden) and freelance policy-consultant to various national governments, international organisations and companies. He was a visiting fellow to the Free University of Berlin (Germany) and the Hitotsubashi University (Japan) and a Research Associate to the Japan Research Centre of the University of Osnabrueck (Germany).

He and his small team are hosted by the UNU Institute for Environment and Human Security (EHS) in Bonn (Germany).

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2 March 2006

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