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Prof. Motoyuki Suzuki

Special Programme Adviser


Motoyuki Suzuki graduated University of Tokyo in 1963 and finished his PhD in chemical engineering in 1968. He spent two years (1969/1971) in University of California, Davis as a Postdoc in Chemical Engineering Department. He was Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor in Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, where he was responsible for Environmental Chemical Engineering Laboratory. He served as the Director General of the Institute from 1995 to 1998 March.

He served as a Vice Rector of the United Nations University in charge of the environmental and sustainable development programmes from 1998 April to 2003 March. He is now a professor at the University of the Air, while helping UNU's academic activities as a Special Programme Adviser.

His major research fields are: adsorption science/technology, water quality control technologies, water quality modeling, vegetation modeling, bioassay by using mammalian cells. He has published more than 300 articles in academic journals and one of his main books is Adsorption Engineering (Elsevier, 1990).

He was the President of Japan Society on Water Environment, International Adsorption Society, Japan Adsorption Society and was a Principal Researcher of Special Area Research Project, "Formulation of Man-Environment System (1987-1993)" and Special Area Research Project "Zero-Emission-Oriented Material Cycles (1997-2001)" supported by Ministry of Education of Japan and "Yakushima Zero-Emission model (2002-2004)" supported by MEXT. He is currently serving as the chairman of the National Environment Council.

He was honored Society Award from Chemical Engineering Society Japan (2000, Tokyo), Samuel Jenkins Medal from International Water Association (2000, Paris) and Minister Citation from Environmental Agency of Japan (2000, Tokyo).

former Vice-Rector, 1998-2003


1 February 2005

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