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PLEC Databases

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The meta-database is aggregative information about national databases, including description of demonstration sites where original data were collected, and details of the national database location and contact. [Microsoft Word format]
   PLEC Agrodiversity Database Manual This manual is meant to help construct a PLEC Agrodiversity Database [Microsoft Word format]
   Brazil Presentation Presentation from the PLEC 2000 General Meeting in Macapa, Brazil. This presentation compares Access with Excel, gives an overview of the suggested PLEC database structure, and outlines some of Access' central concepts. [Microsoft PowerPoint format]
   Ghana Presentation Presentation from the WAPLEC Workshop in Ghana, October 2000. This presentation is similar to the Brazil presentation, but contains information on creating and linking new agrodiversity tables to the database. Adding coordinates and linking Access to ArcView GIS are also included. [Microsoft PowerPoint format]
   PLEC Agrodiversity Database This is a blank database. It can be used to cut and paste data from Excel. The database contains queries and reports that will immediately summarize and analyze data upon entry. See Chapter Two titled PLEC Agrodiversity Database for instructions. [Microsoft Access format]
   Amazonia Agrobiodiversity Database This is an example of the PLEC Agrobiodiversity database from Amazonia. It may be helpful to review this database before transferring data from Excel into the PLEC Agrodiversity Database. Note: The data have been scrambled to avoid IPR issues. [Microsoft Access format]
   Amazonia Management Database This database expands upon the Agrodiversity Database to include management data. See Chapter Three for an overview of incorporating agrodiversity data into the Agrobiodiversity Database. [Microsoft Access format]
   China Agrodiversity Database This database deviates from the suggested Agrobiodiversity Database structure to focus upon household level analysis. It also includes socioeconomic, as well as management data. All the data given are all invented. [Microsoft Access format]
   GIS Database This database includes GPS coordinates and can be linked to a GIS program. See Chapter Six for more of linking Access tables and queries to ArcView GIS. [Microsoft Access format]
   Amazonia Tutorial Database This database is part of the forms tutorial in Chapter Five. It contains examples of the forms discussed in the chapter. [Microsoft Access format]

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