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List of Presentations by Author Name

  1. Asfaw, Zemede, Plant agrobiodiversity in Ethiopia

  2. Bester, J., et al, The Nguni: a case study

  3. Brown, George G., et al. Diversity and functional role of soil macrofauna communities in Brazilian no-tillage agroecosystems: a preliminary analysis

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  5. Cristobal Suarez, Raul et al, Contribution of home gardens to in situ conservation of plant genetic resources in farming systems

  6. Dakora, Felix D., Managing biodiversity in cropping systems with reference to symbiotic microbes and their host plants

  7. Eardley, Connal, et al. The plight of the bee: in South Africa’s semi-deserts

  8. Gemmill, Barbara, et al Conservation of wild pollinators for agricultural production in Africa

  9. Gondwe, TN, et al. Community based promotion of rural poultry: diversity, management, utilisation and research in Malawi.

  10. Gyasi, Edwin, Managing diversity in the agricultural landscape: case study-Ghana

  11. Johns, Timothy, Dietary diversity, global change, and human health

  12. Köhler-Rollefson, et al, Community-based management of animal genetic resources– a tool for rural development

  13. Mitti, Joyce, The role of seed gardens in enhancing local seed security and impact on the use and conservation of agrobiodiversity

  14. Njoro, Joyce, Community livestock improvement initiative: a case of Kathekani , Kenya

  15. Pinedo-Vasquez, Miguel, et al. Valuing and promoting smallholder agricultural practices: the approach of the PLEC Project

  16. Rerkasem, Kanok, Farmers' management of fallow succession in Thailand

  17. Sadiki, M., et al. Diversity of farmer- named faba bean varieties in Morocco: a scientific basis for in situ conservation

  18. Sawadogo, Mahamadou, et al. Ecosystem components as indicators to farmers to conserve, maintain and manage local crop diversity in Burkina Faso

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  20. Stocking, Michael, Soil agrodiversity - an aspect of farmers’ management of biological diversity

  21. Subedi, A., et al. Who maintains genetic diversity and how: implications for on- farm conservation and utilisation

  22. Szalay, Istvan, et al. Managing livestock diversity in Eastern Europe: the Carpathian basin example

  23. Tuyen, T. V., et al. Farmer’s management of crop diversity in coastal agrosystems of Hue region, Vietnam

  24. Wang, Yunyue, et al. Cultivating biodiversity for disease control, a case study in China

  25. Weiskopf, Beate, Incentive measures for sustainable use and conservation of agrobiodiversity

  26. Wood, Dave et al, Diversity, simplicity, and the optimisation of agrobiodiversity