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Technological Adaptation and Carbon Mitigation Strategies

Can Huang

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The COP-15 contribution from UNU-Maastricht Economic and Social Research and Training Centre on Innovation and Technology (MERIT) and its twinning partner Renmin University of China will focus on technological adaptation and carbon emission mitigation experiments carried out in both developed countries and emerging countries/regions such as the China Suzhou area. The research will contribute to a better understanding of the need for combined diffusion and research policies in the post-Kyoto era, in particular programme design and implementation of publicly funded R&D programmes stimulating broad portfolios of alternative technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Focus areas:

Technology transfer

Regions covered:


Participating entities:


Results achieved:

Outputs for COP: (1) Brochure of the UNU/IC Course

Best practices:

The Global Change and Sustainability (GCS) module of the UNU International Courses is organized annually for a select group of postgraduate students and professionals in various occupations (with a college or university degree) who wish to pursue careers in international fields in public-service or private organizations, including the United Nations, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations, as well as national foreign service organizations. The courses are designed to provide analyses of global issues from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. From this year onward, the course places a heavy emphasis on climate change and is proving successful in building capacities in an intellectually stimulated environment of UNU, Tokyo.


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