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Integrated Capacity Development

Srikantha Herath

UNU's activities

One of the key challenges in capacity building related to climate change how to reconcile the urgent need for rapid action with the longer-term need for robust and informed adaptation measures. The UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP) recognizes that capacity development is not independent of research and hence useful methodologies have been adapted to facilitate rapid transfer of research into action on the ground by nurturing closely-knit academic networks and state-of-the-art training programmes.

UNU-ISP’s Integrated Capacity Development approach brings researchers, educationalists and local government together in context-based, tailor-made capacity building programmes that equip them with the methods and tools they require.

Focus areas:

Capacity building

Regions covered:


Participating entities:


Best practices:

Downscaling and risk assessment training modules: UNU-ISP organizes regular training workshop on Rainfall Downscaling and Flood Inundation Modeling in association with national agencies and universities in Asian countries. The training module focuses on downscaling rainfall forecasts from global to local scale, application of GIS software for hydrological analysis, application of a distributed hydrologic model for flood simulation and risk and damage analysis for flood disaster.


Outputs for COP: (1) Brochure of training workshop (2) Small version of training manual.


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