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International Indigenous Expert Exchange on Emerging Trends in Mainstream Water Management

Ame Ramos Castillo


UNU's activities

The purpose of this exchange, organized by the UNU Institute for Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) Traditional Knowledge Initiative and held 7–8 August 2008 in Gulkula, Australia, was to facilitate international collaboration on the relationship between indigenous water knowledge and indigenous interests in water. Particular attention was given to issues and opportunities arising from emerging water trading and water property rights regimes and the increasing recognition by western science of the value of traditional knowledge for natural resource management. The exchange focused on case studies from various regions of the world and outputs included a case studies compilation as well a statement and recommendations presented to the World Water Forum in 2009.

Focus areas:

Capacity building

Regions covered:


Participating entities:

UNU-IAS Traditional Knowledge Initiative

Non-UN partners:

North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA), Yothu Yindi Foundation


Summary Report: Indigenous Water Knowledge Meeting

Garma International Indigenous Water Declaration

Case studies (forthcoming)


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