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Lessons on Effective Communication Strategies

Srikantha Herath

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The Global Environment Information Centre (GEIC), a joint initiative between the UNU and the Japanese Environment Ministry, has studied the Japanese government’s successful public awareness raising campaign called “Team Minus 6%”.

This study has been published as a GEIC working paper that highlights the importance of effective communication strategies to increase the public awareness on climate change issues. The study examined climate change campaign strategies of developed countries, in particular Japan’s “Team Minus 6%” campaign.

Lessons learned from these successful campaigns can be used in other parts of the world and this paper will be useful for governments, corporations, NGOs and other organizations in developed and developing countries seeking to implement effective climate change communication strategies.

Focus areas:


Regions covered:


Participating entities:

UN Communications Group, UNEP

Results achieved:

Outputs for COP: Innovative Climate Change Communication — Team Minus 6%. GEIC Working Paper 2008-001, October 2008, UNU, Tokyo.


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