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Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems

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Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) is an FAO initiative supported by GEF and implemented by People, Land Management and Ecosystem Conservation (PLEC) in close collaboration with UNDP, UNESCO, IFAD, IPGRI, UNU, bilateral donors and others.

The project aims to establish the basis for international recognition, conservation and adaptive management of GIAHS and their associated landscapes, agricultural biodiversity, knowledge systems, food and livelihood and cultures throughout the world. The experience of the UNU’s PLEC project , particularly its recognition and promotion of expert farmers and community institutions conserving natural resources, clearly demonstrates the resilience of GIAHS locations and thus makes a strong case for adaptation.

Focus areas:


Regions covered:


Participating entities:

HLCP, collectively

Results achieved:

Outputs for COP: (1) Brochure (2) Report of the selected case-study site of GIAHS Project


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