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Adaptation Towards Sustainability

Srikantha Herath

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Adaptation to climate change is now a necessity in many developing countries, especially in Asia and Africa. The UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP) works to engage local governments, academia and frontline agencies in initiatives that support the idea that adaptation is not merely a survival strategy but an opportunity to move towards sustainability.

The Comparative Studies on Development Strategies considering Impacts of Adaptation to Climate Change project is carrying out case studies in four Asian countries – Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand – in the new field of designing adaptation strategies in flood risk reduction and rice production. Estimation and assessment of the impact of climate change on hydrological processes, agriculture and ecosystem in the case study sites is under way. This will establish better understanding and effective implementation of flood management and mitigation in the area and provide useful knowledge to cope with climate challenges.

The priorities of this project are to: assess local impacts of climate change, propose remedial measures and assess the appropriateness of these measures in relation to national development plans so that they can be mainstreamed.

Flood risk reduction and responses to rice yield change are proposed as the first areas for action. Ongoing research activities include: downscaling future climate forecasts to local conditions; coupling weather forecasts to flood and rice yield models set up for target areas; assessing changes from baseline information and proposing appropriate actions; and evaluating the relative benefits of proposed actions in relation to national development programmes.

Focus areas:


Regions covered:


Participating entities:

HLCP, collectively

Results achieved:

Outputs for COP: (1) Brochure (2) two workshop proceedings (includes technical papers from Vietnam and Sri Lanka)


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