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Issue 41-49: March 2006 - July 2008

41. March-May 2006
45. March-May 2007
42. June-August 2006
46 June-August 2007
49. May-July 2008
43. September-November 2006
47. September-December 2007
44. December 2006-Feb. 2007
48. February-April 2008

Issue 49: May-July 2008

Issue 48: February-April 2008

  1. Peacebuilders symposium at UNU Centre
  2. Experts consider impact of climate change on indigenous peoples
  3. Think Pieces present fresh ideas on key G8 Summit issues
  4. Environmental assessment training focus on Gulf coast developments
  5. Call for submissions to two entrepreneurship workshops
  6. Survey to find out who reads, who writes Wikipedia
  7. UNU offers free sources through OpenCourseWare Portal
  8. Nanjing venue for second software tools worshop
  9. Documentary show struggle to protect biological corridor
  10. Global issues seminar series launched at UNU Centre
  11. Huge economic benefits from better sanitation – UNU report
  12. Cash prizes good way to stimulate drug R&D, expert agree
  13. New books from UNU Press
    - Atrocities and International Accountability: Beyond Transitional Justice
    - Reconstructing Korean Society
    - National Interest and International Solidarity: Particular and Universal Ethics in International Life
    - Trafficking in Humans: Social, Cultural and Political Dimensions
  14. UNU supports environmental research by Cambodian students
  15. UNDP chief explores development challenges of climate change 
  16. UNCTAD chief attends World Report book launch
  17. Students at UNU Centre to practise model UN presentations
  18. Municipal officers attend UNU-EHS Urban Training Programme
  19. Comment
    - Power to the regions but not yet farewell to the nation state
    - Climate change and the coming coastal catastrophe

Issue 47: September-December 2007

  1. Expect birth of first human clone soon – UNU report
  2. E-governance experts to meet at Macao conference
  3. Cash prizes offered for best ideas about cash prizes
  4. Ten new members join UNU governing body
  5. INWEH has key role in Dubai's new marine laboratory
  6. UNU-BIOLAC advisor makes agro-biotech breakthrough
  7. UNU puts forward four-point plan to promote e-learning
  8. UNU-WIDER plans workshop on African urban development
  9. New partnership will strengthen UNU presence in Europe
  10. Call for improved collection, recycling of electronic waste
  11. Applications open for Summer Academy on Social Vulnerability
  12. End of an era as new Rector takes the helm
  13. Hans van Ginkel honoured with Japan's highest award
  14. Japanese imperial couple visit UNU
  15. Environmental migration essay a UNU-EHS team effort
  16. Ceremony marks end of 2007 International Courses
  17. UNU Council chair wins IPB Peace Prize
  18. Annual Report describes a year of sustained activity
  19. New books from UNU Press
    - Unintended Consequences of Peacekeeping Operations
    - War in Our Time: Reflections on Iraq, Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction
    - Regulating Globalization: Critical Approaches to Global Governance
    - Global Multi-level Governance: European and East Asian Leadership
  20. Comment
    - The UN: Seeking to build a better home for humankind
    - United Nations University: A global institution rooted in Japan

Issue 46: June-August 2007

  1. Prof. Konrad Osterwalder appointed Rector of UNU
  2. New study highlights risks of globalization for world's poor
  3. New books from UNU Press
    - After Mass Crime: Rebuilding States and Communities
    - Diasporas in Conflict: Peacemakers or Peace Wreckers?
    - Industrial Clusters and Innovation Systems in Africa: Institutions, Markets and Policy
    - The Politics of Participation in Sustainable Development Governance
  4. UNU-FTP working with Africans to improve fish exports
  5. UNU seeks private sector partners to address global problems
  6. GVU offering two new online tutoring courses
  7. UNU family welcomes new member – IHDP
  8. Long-term refugees pose challenge to peacebuilding
  9. UNU-Shimadzu project is recognised as POPs monitor'
  10. Researchers focus on Indonesian forest certification scheme
  11. New project probes water risks of extreme weather
  12. Workshop to focus on hazardous chemicals, sustainable energy
  13. Migration and Vulnerability Conference set for 2008
  14. UNU desertification report to call for major policy shift
  15. Ramesh Thakur honoured at Maastricht conference
  16. UNU experts provide briefing on land degradation
  17. Third seminar on Africa-Asia education dialogue held in Tokyo
  18. 'Failure of imagination" seen on environmental problems
  19. Role of human rights rapporteur focus of Lund workshop
  20. Global warming increases risk of conflict – Bogardi
  21. Asenso-Okyere appointed director of ISNAR
  22. African nutrition network honours Michael C. Latham
  23. Examing the shortcomings of the 'liberal  peace' model
  24. Signing ceremony formalises UNU-MERIT partnership
  25. Comment:
    - The United Nations and the elusive quest for peace
    - The Iraq war and the culture of peace

Issue 45: March-May 2007

  1. Gene hunters leave trail of bitterness in South Pacific
  2. UNU joins push to create world standards for recycling e-scrap
  3. Director named for new International Institute for Global Health
  4. UNU-INWEH to monitor marine impacts of UAE developments
  5. New course in strategic environmental assessment
  6. New books from UNU Press
    - Understanding Human Well Being
    - Industrial Innovation and Environmental Regulation: Developing Workable Solutions
    - Humanitarian Diplomacy: Practitioners and their Craft
    - Urban Crisis: Culture and the Sustainability of Cities
  7. Conference to honour departing Ramesh Thakur
  8. Top UN official to inaugurate Maastricht policy seminar series
  9. Tracking vulnerability of the fragile states
  10. Leaders to learn about hazardous waste management
  11. Slow progress in improving status of women, says Liberian leader
  12. Latin American-Caribbean development challenges on the agenda
  13. Successful completion of two short courses on land administration
  14. Role of Secretary General discussed at New York event
  15. UN agencies in Japan mark International Women's Day
  16. UNU-FTP team visits Sri Lanka to assess training needs
  17. Comment:
    - A large community heading for new diversity
    - Opening western minds to international crosswinds

Issue 44: December 2006-February 2007

  1. UNU-WIDER study shows richest 2% own half the world's wealth
  2. UNU expert calls for research "relevant to developing world"
  3. Jayantha Dhanapala is new chair of UNU Council
  4. Mental health problems threaten knowledge economy – report
  5. New books from UNU Press
    - Trade and Investment Rule Making: the Role of Regional and Bilateral Agreements
    - Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: Towards Disaster Resilient Societies
    - The Politics of Participation in Sustainable Development Governance
  6. Two new courses from Global Virtual University
  7. Food and Nutrition Programme gets new streamlined structure
  8. New publication on vulnerability assessment
  9. Define 'precautionary principle' to avoid clashes over biotechnology
  10. Europe calls on UNU to help develop regulations on e-waste
  11. Traditional fuels promoting desertification, expert warns
  12. Public lectures on business, ethics and the right to health
  13. Memorial lecture series honours Charles Cooper
  14. UNU Council member wins Venezuelan science award
  15. POPs effects felt far from source, expert tells symposium
  16. Child soldiers: if not prosecution then what?
  17. Integration key to stability in Africa, says Rwandan leader
  18. UNU and CERN agree on future collaboration
  19. Study urges stronger role for women in peace processes
  20. Comment
    - Truly and economics Nobel Peace Price
    - Non-violence can work wonders, even in the Middle East
    - Weighing Israel's way of war

Issue 43: September-November 2006

  1. New study urges rethink on agricultural research
  2. UNU joins knowledge sharing partnership
  3. Three new books from UNU Press
    - The Iraq Crisis and World Order: Structural, Institutional and Normative Challenges
    - Arms Control After Iraq: Normative and Operational Challenges
    - Multilateralism Under Challenge? Power, International Order and Structural Change
  4. GEF makes major commitment to Pamir-Alai Mountain project
  5. Authors sought for regional integration handbook
  6. UNU-MERIT launches second PhD study programme
  7. Proliferation hampering effort to make aid more effective
  8. University of Geneva announces UNU fellowships
  9. Simulation websites put you in the finance minister's office
  10. UNU to film conservation documentary in Mexico
  11. Learning lessons from the Great Flood, 40 years later
  12. Seminar to focus on migration research
  13. Seminar to examine EU's relationship with UN
  14. Former Iranian leader calls for dialogue among civilizations
  15. Conference explores globalization, science and technology
  16. Konarι sees need for a United States of Africa
  17. Threats to groundwater focus of Tokyo workshop
  18. President Karzai speaks on state building in Afghanistan
  19. Minister sees need for more civilian peacebuilders
  20. Comment
    - Yokohama conference to focus on cooperation
    - Chemical weapons treaty a model for world security
    - Gitmo: It means hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy

Issue 42: June-August 2006

  1. World's children have similar growth patterns – study
  2. UNU ponders continuing role in Liberia's reconstruction
  3. Four new titles from UNU Press
    Challenges to Peacebuilding: Managing Spoilers During Conflict Resolution
    - The Chemical Weapons Convention: Implemenation, Challenges and Opportunities
    - Sustainable Cities: Japanese Perspectives on Physical and Social Structures
    - Floods in Bangladesh: History, Dynamics and Rethinking the Role of the Himalayas
  4. New global health institute moves a step closer
  5. INCORE exporting its peace studies expertise
  6. Geothermal programme takes its show on the road
  7. UNU-MERIT spreading the word on hydrogen fuel cells
  8. Zafar Adeel names new director of UNU-INWEH
  9. Book examines women's role in peacebuilding
  10. New book dissects the knowledge economy
  11. New book takes new look at global role of EU
  12. Human vulnerability on the curriculum at Summer Academy
  13. Malaysian Prime Minister delivers 12th U Thant lecture
  14. Regional Centres of Expertise chart the way forward
  15. UNU mourns death of Mrs. Elizabeth Rose
  16. Experts discuss 'global partnership for eradicating poverty'
  17. Class of 2006 begins 28th annual session of UNU-GTP
  18. UNU experts play prominent role at CSD-14
  19. Trade barriers hamper African development, says Mogae
  20. Conference sets new course on trade policies
  21. Comment
    - Talent, teamwork, a level playing field – no wonder we love the World Cup
    - Swimming in the same sea
    - U.N., U.S. should now work at cross purposes

Issue 41: March-May 2006

  1. Cross-cultural leadership goal of expanded institute in Jordan
  2. Plan for new Mahatma Gandhi peace centre at Madras University
  3. UN University Press releases four new titles
  4. UNU tackles land degradation in the Balkans
  5. Open source software boon for the south, says UNU report
  6. New books released on regional integration, monetary policies
  7. Land administration courses planned in Africa, Asia
  8. Tongyang named sustainable development education centre
  9. UNU-WIDER announces conference on health equity
  10. Transboundary cooperation in Amazon basin ecosystems
  11. Open source, open medicine take centre stage at UNU symposium
  12. Second seminar on Africa-Asia education dialogue
  13. Peace breaking out all over, expert tells conference
  14. Water innovations on show at SUMMAD workshop
  15. UNU hosts forum on women in decision-making
  16. Rector honoured during visit to China
  17. UNU-CRIS makes presence felt at international policy forum
  18. New York events highlight leadership, economic growth
  19. Health ecosystems buffer against natural disaster – UNU
  20. Integrity is missing link in good governance
  21. Students get tips on being model UN delegates
  22. Comment
    - WTO must strive for coherent trade, sustainability policies
    - Action must be taken against peacekeeper sexual predators

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