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Issue 31-40: May 2004 - February 2006

31. May-June 2004
35. Jan.-Feb. 2005
32. July-August 2004
36. March-April 2005
39. Sep.-Oct. 2005
33: Sept.-Oct. 2004
37: May-June 2005
34. Nov.-Dec. 2004
38: July-August 2005

Issue 40: November 2005-Febuary 2006

  1. Climate change will mean more landslides, experts warn
  2. Peter Katjavivi elected chair of UNU Council
  3. Experts urge support for "environmental refugees"
  4. New books from UNU Press
    - Medical Biotechnology: Achievements, Prospects and Perceptions
    - Researching Conflict in Africa: Insights and Experiences
    - Sustainable Management of Headwater Resources: Research from Africa and India
  5. UNU to work with Global Fire Monitoring Centre
  6. Innovative communities drive sustainable development report
  7. Karl Harmsen appointed Director of UNU-INRA
  8. UNU-WIDER conference on aid set for June 16-17
  9. INCORE announces courses for 2006 Summer School
  10. Workshops on regional integration at UNESCO forum
  11. Norway meeting for first GVU master class
  12. UNU, Shimadzu Corp. extend water monitoring project
  13. New institute, UNU-MERIT, is open for business
  14. Major conference on African research and education networking
  15. Libor Jansky honoured for UNU book on water history
  16. Women learn how to make their mark in transitional societies

  17. Food insecurity and gender focus of NY workshop

  18. UNU partner in project to build virtual academy in Tunisia

  19. Comment
    - Making the information society open to all
    - UN has "an Einstein moment" on reform
    - Reversing desertification the moral duty of international community
    - A decade old, where does the WTO go from here?
    - Tyrants under the gun: the reduction of impunity

Issue 39: September-October 2005

  1. Rector announces plan to retire next year
  2. INTECH, MERIT and a merger made in Maastricht
  3. International focus shifting to environment and human security
  4. New books from UNU Press
    - The WTO and Sustainable Development
    - Reforming from the Top: a Leaders 20 Summit
  5. An important history lesson for today's water managers
  6. A tale of two conflicts and how communities cope
  7. Nancy Birdsall to deliver WIDER annual lecture
  8. INTECH to host seminar on intellectual property rights
  9. NY office plans busy schedule of events for 2005-6
  10. Integrating water and ecosystem management
  11. Experts brainstorm ethical dilemmas facing NGOs
  12. Youth governance leadership course attracts 47
  13. Putting ideas to work at UNU Press seminar
  14. Scientists become detectives on trail of modified seeds
  15. Comment
    - Gold mine that could help Africa's poor
    - Absolute security neither possible nor desirable
    - A chance for Asia after Annan

Issue 38: July-August 2005

  1. UNU report calls for rules to govern deep seabed research
  2. New foundation to fund chair at UNU-EHS
  3. New from UNU Press: Public participation in freshwater governance
  4. Seeking a better connection for African universities
  5. Boom and bust, shocks and setbacks in the new agriculture
  6. New UNU ads broadcast on CNN International
  7. Countries torn over how to regulate bioprospecting
  8. Two billion dryland dwellers in peril as land degrades report
  9. A hydrogen-fueled future for developing countries?
  10. Irish lessons about civil society and conflict prevention
  11. Networks should enhance human contact, says Rector
  12. Geothermal Training Programme welcomes class of 2005
  13. INTECH loses a friend with death of Sanjaya Lall
  14. UNU-GTP is major presence at World Geothermal Congress
  15. South Pacific University signs up for Internet water course
  16. New issues of Work in Progress, WIDER Angle
  17. Conference focuses on education for sustainable development
  18. Fifty complete UNU International Courses
  19. Comment
    - The anomalies killing non-proliferation
    - Design for sustaining peace

Issue 37: May-June 2005

  1. Pantanal may become next Everglades, UNU experts warn
  2. Call for world aid to repair Iraq's devastated universities
  3. New books from UNU Press
    - Reforming International Environmental Governance
    - Regulating Bioprospecting: Institutions for Drug Research, Access and Benefit Sharing
  4. How to turn warlords into peacelords
  5. Mike Reed named director of UNU software institute
  6. Analysis: New Agriculture a dynamic sector sowing the seeds of success
  7. Symposium will test guidelines for managing sacred natural sites
  8. Youth Leadership for Global Governance course set for June
  9. UNU-FNP involved in two African conferences
  10. Deepak Nayyar keynote speaker at WIDER jubilee conference
  11. Developing countries still waiting for bioprospecting 'green gold'
  12. Iraqis seek INCORE input on post conflict issues
  13. University of Ghana honours UNU Rector
  14. INWEH joins World Bank project on coral reefs
  15. Comment
    - Ecosystems checkup yields poor prognosis for developing world
    - Intervention based on rules

Issue 36: March-April 2005

  1. Science is ally of international law in solving water conflicts
  2. INTECH probes drug price implications of TRIPS
  3. Global technology and research centre planned
  4. New database will be one-stop source for UN research
  5. New books from UNU Press
    - International Commissions and the Power of Ideas
    - Transformation of Cities in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards Globalization
  6. INCORE announces courses for 2005 Summer School
  7. Symposium will focus on ecosystem impact of POPs
  8. Rector calls for global action on disaster risk
  9. Students practise being model UN delegates
  10. Death of Charles Cooper, first director of INTECH
  11. Countries urged to challenge "good" development policies
  12. Experts debate rule of law and transitional justice
  13. Seventy-five complete Jordan youth leadership course
  14. Comment
    - Has the UN found the right formula for promoting democracy?
    - Freedom, when it suits the United States
    - Reshaping the concept of shared responsibility for global security

Issue 35: January-February 2005

  1. Underground expansion putting megacities at risk
  2. INCORE launches Belfast-Jerusalem peace project
  3. New books from UNU Press
    - Making States Work
    - Mankind and the Oceans
    - Confronting Environmental Change in East and Southeast Asia
  4. Partners needed for traditional medicine project
  5. Major conference to mark WIDER's 20th anniversary
  6. Secretary-General praises year of progress for UNU
  7. Finland's globalization initiatives in the spotlight
  8. Impressive support for UNU's General Assembly resolution
  9. First workshop for Water Virtual Learning Centre
  10. UNU-INTECH names new director
  11. UNU plays key role at environmental workshops
  12. Comment
    - Tsunami disaster could spur action on global water crisis
    - Natural disaster as the spur to regional cooperation
    - Towards a regional world order 

Issue 34: November-December 2004

  1. UNU-FNP developing new growth standards for children
  2. Timing critical for post-conflict elections, says UNU expert
  3. UNU and ASEAN to work harder on sustainable development
  4. Scientists work to save Africa's endangered devil's claw
  5. INCORE welcomes new research director
  6. Jordan university students learn leadership skills
  7. Biotech is new weapon in battle to save art treasures
  8. Coicaud confirmed as head of UNU office in New York
  9. Symposium marks 10th anniversary of ZEF project
  10. Seven ways to meet cost of Millennium Development Goals
  11. UNU projects cited in Secretary-General's report
  12. Nuclear boss sees "new world disorder"
  13. Divided countries linked by history and shared lessons
  14. Nobel laureate shares his "visions of peace"
  15. Finnish president says UN must streamline decision-making
  16. Death of Kym Isolani, former UNU chief in London
  17. Focus on women's health policies at Tokyo meeting
  18. Comment
    - Helping to finance development
    - Economic development underpins democracy and human rights
    - Did Kosovo illuminate Iraq?
    - The cancer of corruption
    - First comprehensive health checkup for the planet 

Issue 33: September-October 2004

  1. INRA plans pan-African approach to serve NEPAD
  2. INCORE announces new Tip O'Neill Fellowship award
  3. New project to study innovation in textiles industry
  4. Incentive awards planned for foreign students
  5. Managing agrodiversity the traditional way in West Africa
  6. Second book in Forests in Transition series released
  7. Initiative to boost biotech training in Southern Cone
  8. WIDER plans conferences on inequality in China
  9. Hashimoto to give keynote address at water symposium
  10. Exploring the role of federalism in UN reform
  11. Roundtable to discuss certificates of origin and ABS
  12. Experts discuss responses to desertification
  13. First youth leadership celebrates graduation
  14. Yamaguchi university joins global seminar series
  15. Comment
    - Private sector can help in preventing conflict
    - Western medicine no cure for Darfur's ills

Issue 32: July-August 2004

  1. Two billion will be in flood path by 2050, UNU expert warns
  2. Experts see need for World Environmental Court
  3. IIST helping Macao's government go online
  4. New role, new website for INCORE
  5. International law, human rights, corporate responsibility in new books from UNUP
  6. New book examines NGO's impact on conflict policy
  7. Applications open for Kobe-Awaji seminar
  8. UNU making plans to mark 30th anniversary
  9. Expert assailt "dirty" electronics industry
  10. NY panel discusses harnessing African resources
  11. Team approach urged to make peace work
  12. Comment
    - New summit group needed to tackle global problems
    - Iraq's recovery phase can now begin in earnest

Issue 31: May-June 2004

  1. Study warns of environmental impact of global PC boom
  2. South Africa may adopt new AIDS and nutrition manual
  3. Sustainability Toolkit for universities coming soon
  4. Study examines technology spillover from TNCs
  5. One in five lack enough zinc in diet, report says
  6. A new diplomacy emerging from UN world conferences
  7. New publications address biotech safety concerns
  8. Project to study politicians' views of community relations
  9. INRA marks 10th anniversary with a new website
  10. Young leaders programme launched in Jordan
  11. Accountability for Atrocity conference set for June
  12. Looking for answers to China's growing inequality
  13. Conference to focus on drylands management
  14. New study on monetary policy in CIS countries
  15. South Asians complete conflict resolution course
  16. UN must improve record on humanitarian intervention
  17. Students practise being model UN delegates
  18. UNU-BIOLAC signs agreement with Argentina
  19. Death of Lal Jayawardena, first director of UNU-WIDER
  20. Comment
    - Outgunned, unprepared, poor nations need training for WTO
    - World forum in Mumbia shows Japan the way
    - India vs. Pakistan in a tense test of cricket diplomacy
    - Iraq war has undermined the legitimacy of US goals
    - New coalitions of the willing seeking change

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