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Public health nutrition

Vitamin A reduces the inhibition of iron absorption by phytates and polyphenols

Maternal preferences for consistency of complementary foods in Guatemala

Yearly household record of food from the forest for home consumption by rural villagers in north-east Thailand

Food aversions and cravings during pregnancy: Prevalence and significance for maternal nutrition in Ethiopia

Weaning foods in West Africa: Nutritional problems and possible solutions

Home gardening and access to animals in households with xerophthalmic children in rural Nepal

Determinants of the nutritional status of children in a rural African setting: The case of Chobe District, Botswana

Emergency nutrition

Food science

Food fortification: A tool for fighting hidden hunger

A lesser-known grain, Chenopodium quinoa: Review of the chemical composition of its edible parts

IFPRI report

Intrahousehold resource allocation in developing countries: Models, methods, and policies

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UNU programme on food and nutrition for human and social development

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