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Fish Fermentation Technology
Edited by Cherl-Ho Lee, Keith 13. Steinkraus, and P.J. Alan Reilly

The first part of this study considers the role of fermented foods in different food traditions around the world. The major types of food fermentation are described in terms of their regional importance, historical development, and the microbial processes involved. Following a detailed analysis of the cultural aspects of fermented foods in Asia, a comprehensive presentation is made of the fish fermentation technologies of Burma, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Thailand. The final section of the book concerns the microbiological and biochemical aspects of low- and high-salt fishery products, focusing mainly on Korea.

ISBN 89 7053 93480 8
1993,334 pages
US$45; airmail U5$52


Food Composition Data Interchange Handbook
By John C. Klensin

This manual defines the organizing principles and formats of the data interchange system in sufficient technical detail to permit programs to be correctly written that will produce and interpret interchange files that structure and preserve all the information that is available. It provides precise definitions and explanations of the elements to be used in an interchange file and the rules by which they are combined, with clear illustrative examples.

ISBN 92-808-0774-9
1992,172 pages
US$30; airmail US$35
Developing country price: US$15


Compiling Data for Food Composition Data Bases
By William M. Rand, Jean A. T. Pennington, Suzanne P. Murphy, and John C. Klensin

Focuses specifically on the issues involved in gathering, and estimating where necessary, the data for food composition tables and databases - with the goal of making future databases more consistent, more compatible, and more useful to a wider audience.

ISBN 92-808-0772-2
1991,78 pages
US$20; airmail US$25
Developing country price: US$10

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