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Editorial policy

While many of the articles in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin are the result of UNU-sponsored research, workshops, and seminars, a significant part of each issue is made up of unsolicited articles. These are essential to the Bulletin, and the submission of suitable unsolicited articles is strongly encouraged. It is appropriate from time to time to remind prospective authors of the basis on which the acceptability of articles is judged.

While the articles in the Bulletin may cover any aspect of food and nutrition and range from original research to policy analyses, they are selected to appeal to people in more than one discipline and more than one country. They are intended to be of regional or global interest, and comprehensible to those in disciplines other than that of the author. The primary focus is on developing countries.

Any subject, disciplinary or other approach that is relevant to the identification and solution of food and nutrition problems will be considered. Articles based entirely on national surveys or basic research are not accepted unless they are of broad practical or policy significance.

Meeting announcements, news and notes, and book reviews will also be judged by the above criteria. All articles are reviewed and are edited when this is recommended. Manuscripts that are not accepted will be returned with reviewers' comments and suggestions if requested.

Thus far few letters to the editor have been received, but letters will be given priority if they provide a significant comment or critique related to previously published articles.

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