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News and notes

IUNS news


IUNS news

IUNS Awards

The Albert Einstein 1984 World Science Award has been granted to Dr. Ricardo Bressani, Research Co-ordinator and Head of the Agricultural Sciences Division of the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP).

The fourth annual Bristol-Meyers Award for Distinguished Achievement in Nutrition Research has been presented to Professor J. C. Waterlow, Emeritus Professor of Human Nutrition at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


IUNS was an Affiliate Sponsor of the International Conference on Chemistry and World Food Supplies: The New Frontiers, held in Manila, Philippines, in December 1982. This conference, sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the International Rice Research Institute, was the second event in the programme initiated by IUPAC and designated CHEMRAWN - Chemical Research Applied to World Needs. The scientific lectures (76) presented to the conference by invited authorities have been published in L. W. Shemilt, ea., Chemistry and World Food Supplies: The New Frontiers (Pergamon Press, 1983).

The plenary lectures (8), and conclusions and recommendations drawn up by the Future Actions Committee (Chairman, Professor C. Ponnamperuma), have now appeared in G. Bixler and L. W. Shemilt, ea., Chemistry and World Food Supplies: The New Frontiers, Perspectives and Recommendations (International Rice Research Institute, Los Banos, 169 pp.). Copies may be ordered from the International Rice Research Institute, P.O. Box 933, Manila, Philippines. To developed/industrial countries, prices are US$15 (airmail) or US$3.40 {surface mail). Prepayment is required by Unesco coupons or by dollar cheque or bank "demand draft" payable to "IRRI Communications and Publications Department." In addition, persons in the USA, Canada, and Europe may order copies from the American Chemical Society, 1155 16th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20036, USA. The price is US$7.50, which includes first-class postage to destinations in the USA and Canada and airmail postage to Europe. Prepayment is required by dollar cheque payable to "American Chemical Society" or by Unesco coupons. When ordering from either source, please quote the publication's full title.

Immediately following the CHEMRAWN II conference, the Board of Science and Technology for International Development (BOSTID) of the National Research Council (USA) organized a workshop at Los Banos, Philippines, with the object of developing the major themes discussed at the conference into action programmer. The report of this workshop, entitled Chemistry and World Food Supplies: Research Priorities for Development (National Academy Press, Washington, D.C., 1983, 118pp.) is available from BOSTID, National Research Council, 2101 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20418, USA.

IUNS Publications

All the IUNS scientific publications notified to the secretariat for the years 1981 - 1985 are listed below. Many of these result from the work of IUNS committees. Unless otherwise stated, single copies of these publications can be obtained from the IUNS Secretary-General, Dorothy Hollingsworth, c/o Institute of Biology, 20 Queensberry Plaza, London SW7 2DZ, UK.

1981 Schools of Food Science and Technology. 8 pp.,
1981 Advanced Degrees in Nutrition Science. Report of a
working meeting held in Wageningen, Netherlands,
30 March to 1 April 1981, sponsored by UNU and
the International Course in Food Science and
Nutrition (NUFFIC). Food Nutr. Bull., 3(4): 49-51
(1981), and 7 pp. + appendices, xeroxed. The
Inventory of International and Regional Training
Courses in Human Nutrition was produced and
published in Food Nutr Bull., 5(2): 81-92 (1983).
1981 Methodological Issues in Nutrition Anthropology.
Report of a workshop held at MIT, Cambridge, Mass
USA, 17-20 November 1980. Taking part were
IUNS Committee II/8, Western Hemisphere Division
of ICAF and UNU World Hunger Programme. Food
Nutr. Bull., 3(4): 21-28 (1981).
1981 Trace Element Deficiencies. Report on Activities of
Committee IV/5 in supporting the 4th International
Symposium on Trace Element Metabolism in Man and
Animals, held in Perth, Western Australia, 11-15 May
1981.2 pp., xeroxed.
1982 Recommended Dietary Intakes around the World.
The introductory chapter is published in Food Nutr.
Bull., 4(4): 34-45 (1982), and the full report in Nutr.
Abstr. Rev.. 53:939-1015, 1075 - 1119 (1983).
1982 The Biology of Parasitic Infections: Workshop on
Interactions of Nutrition and Parasitic Diseases.
Report of International Symposium held in Bellagio,
Italy, 27 September to 1 October 1980. Rev. Infect.
Dis., 4: 735-911 (1982).
B48 1983 Training in Clinical Nutrition: Undergraduate and
V/1 & V/14 Postgraduate. Mark L. Wahlqvist and Bjrn Isaksson,
Lanced 2: 1295-1297 (1983).
1983 A Survey about Nutrition Teaching in the Schools of
Pharmacy of Latin America. Report of IUNS
Working Group 2, Sub-group for Latin America,
Chairman Maria E. R o. 9 pp., xeroxed.
1983 Methodologies for the Evaluation of Nutrition
Programmes. Report of seminar held by IUNS
Working Group 3 in Brasilia, Brazil, late in 1982.
Walter J. Santos. 2 pp., xeroxed.
WG 1
1983 Proposed Outline for an International Handbook of
Methodology for the Study of Food Consumption, by
Wija van Staveren and Jean Henderson Sabry
(members of IUNS Working Group 1 on Methodology
for Evaluation of Dietary intakes), in EURO-NUT
Report 1 on The Diet Factor in Epidemiological
Research, ed. J. G. A. J. Hautvast and W. Klaver
(1982), pp. 143-147.
1983 International Nutrition Standards for Poultry, by
R. Blair, H. Morimoto, V. Peter and T. G. Taylor.
Nutr. Abstr. Rev., 53:670-713 (1983).
1983 Report of the Second Workshop on Nutrition
Quality in Food Standards and Guidelines, 22-23
May 1983 at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
The Hague, Netherlands. 37 pp., xeroxed.
1983 Report of a WHO/IUNS Workshop on Nutritional
Consequences of Developmental Programmes,
30-31 October 1983, Bangkok, Thailand, C. Gopalan.
19 pp., xeroxed.
1984 Energy Expenditure under Field Conditions. Report
of an international workshop held at Charles
University, Prague, 6 8 April 1981, with the
assistance of UNU, IUNS and the Czechoslovakian
National Committee on Nutrition. Published by
Universitas Carolina Press, Prague (1983), 137 pp.
1984 Protein-Energy Requirement Studies in Developing
Countries: Results of International Research. Report
of an IUNS workshop held in Berkeley, Calif., USA,
10-14 August 1981. Ed. William M. Rand, Ricardo
Uauy and Nevin S. Scrimshaw. Food Nutr. Bull.
Supplement 10 (1984). 369 pp.
1984 Report of meeting of IUNS Committee III/5 held
during the International Vitamin A Consultative
Group Meeting, Geneva, 20 June 1984. Dr. C. E.
West. 3 pp., xeroxed.
1984 Directory of Anthropologists and Sociologists
Concerned with Food and Nutrition, prepared by
Dr. Gretel Pelto and Mary W. Scrimshaw. Additions,
corrections and requests for printouts should be
addressed to UNU Cambridge Programme Office,
MIT 20A-201, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
1984 Report on the Activities of IUNS Committee II/8
on Nutritional Anthropology, by Dr. Gretel Pelto.
5 pp., xeroxed.
1984 Nutritional Aspects of Obesity and Diabetes and
Their Relation in Cardiovascular Diseases and
Mortality - Preventive Health and Social Measures.
Report of a workshop held in Sofia, Bulgaria,
27-29 September 1984. Professor L. Balabanski,
7 pp. + appendices, xeroxed.
1984 Report of the Trace Elements Committee, by
Professor A. S. Prasad. 2 pp., xeroxed.
1984 The IUNS International Directory of Scientists and
Administrators Involved in the alleviation of
Vitamin A Deficiency and Nutritional Blindness.
C39 1981 Nutrition and Food Science: Present Knowledge and
Utilization. Proceedings of the Xlth International
Congress of Nutrition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
27 August to 1 September 1978. Ed, Walter J. Santos
et al. Plenum, New York (1980). 3 vols. $195.
C40 1981 Nutrition in Health and Disease and International
Development: Symposia from the Xllth International
Congress of Nutrition, 16-21 August 1981, San
Diego, Calif., USA. Vol. 77 in the series 'Progress in
Clinical and Biloogical Research." Ed. Alfred D.
Harper and George K. Davis. Alan R. Liss, Inc., New
York (1981). 1002 pp. Available from Heyden &
Son Ltd. London, UK. 68.
C41 1982 Results and Policy Implications of the Cross-National
Investigations: Rethinking Infant Nutrition Policies
under Changing Socio-Economic Conditions. Project
report of lUNS-sponsored task force. Ed. Thomas J.
Marchione and Elisabet Helsing. 97 pp.
C42 1982 Proceedings of the First Asian tlousehold Nutrition
Appropriate Technology Conference, held in
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 12-17 July 1981, sponsored by
the Ministry of Colombo Hospitals and Family
Health, NUNS, USAID, UNICEF, and UNCS. Ed.
Ron Israel. Project AlD/DSAN-C-0209, USAID,
Washington, D.C., USA (1981). 249 pp. Food Nutr,
(FAO), 8(2): 59 (1982).
C43 1983 Nutrition Education - The Work of IUNS. Paper
presented by Miss D. F. Hollingsworth at the New
Developments in Nutrition Education International
Conference of the University of London Institute of
Education, BNF Nutr. Bull., 9(1): 37-48 (1984).
Also in New Developments in Nutrition Education,
ed. S. A. Turner and R. B. Ingle, Nutrition Education
Series, No. 11, pp. 38-45, Unesco, Paris (1 985).
C44 1983 Perspectives and Recommendations. Report from the
International Conference on Chemistry and World
Food Supplies: The New Frontiers (CHEMRAWN II),
held in Manila, Philippines, 6-10 December 1982.
(IUNS was an Affiliate Sponsor.) Ed. Gordon Bixler
and L. W. Shemilt. Published by IUPAC and the
International Rice Research Institute, P.O. Box 933,
Manila, Philippines, from whom it may be ordered.
C45 1983 Chemistry and World Food Supplies: The New
Frontiers (CHEMRAWN 11). Proceedings of the
International Conference held in Manila, Philippines,
6-10 December 1982. Ed. L. W. Shemilt. Published
by Pergamon Press, New York (1983). 600 pp.
Hardcover US$120, flexicover US$70.
C46 1983 Fibre in Human and Animal Nutrition. Proceedings of
an International Symposium held in Palmerston North,
New Zealand, from 23 to 28 May 1982, co-sponsored
by IUNS. Ed. G. Wallace and L. Bell. Published by
the Royal Society of New Zealand, Bulletin 20
(1983). 249 pp.
C47 1983 The Accessibility of Nutritional Data - Necessity and
Realization. Paper presented at the CODATA 8th
International Conference in Jackranka, Poland,
October 1982, by H. Haendler. 4 pp., xeroxed.
C48 1983 Directory of IUNS, 1982-1986 (1983). 77 pp.
C49 1984 Nutrition Education, from Proceedings of the Sixth
International Congress of Food Science and
Technology, Dublin, 18-23 September 1983.
D. F. Hollingsworth (1984). 10 pp.

Unicef Reports

The State of the World's Children 1985 describes the beginning of a revolution in child survival that is going into action throughout the developing world. Four relatively simple and inexpensive methods are available that, if applied everywhere, could enable parents themselves to halve the rate of child deaths and save the lives of up to 20,000 children a day. The whole package has been given the mnemonic GOBI: growth monitoring; oral rehydration therapy; breast-feeding; immunization. Political commitment is required to provide the services needed to support parental action and help to spread the knowledge of the techniques throughout the world. (Report obtainable from UNICEF Headquarters, New York, NY 10017, USA.)

UNICEF report on the especially difficult situation of African mothers and children (October 1984): With the deteriorating situation of women and children in Africa, the Executive Director of UNICEF launched an appeal in 1984 for support for additional short-term projects in support of child survival and development activities in 13 seriously affected African countries. This report describes developments up to October 1984 in the 13 worst affected countries and in 8 others. (Report obtainable from the Nutrition foundation, Inc., 888 17th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20006, USA.)

IVACG Meeting

The International Vitamin A Consultative Group (IVACG) held their eighth meeting in Geneva, from 20 to 22 June 1984. This was preceded by two preliminary meetings on "Guidelines for the Development of Simplified Dietary Approaches to Combat Vitamin A Deficiency" (chaired by Dr. Barbara Underwood) and "Evaluation of Vitamin A Interventions" (chaired by Dr. L. J. Teply). The meeting considered the conclusions and recommendations of both these meetings and also reports on small group discussions on "Vitamin A Deficiency and Primary Health Care" (chaired by Dr. E. DeMeyer), "Biochemistry of Vitamin A" (chaired by Dr. Barbara Underwood), "Clinical Aspects - Infections and Vitamin A" (chaired by Dr. V. Reddy) and "Food Aspects Food Composition, Household Food Production and Consumption, and Fortification" (chaired by Dr. R. Crowley and Dr. F. Ronchi-Proja). 1 hey received reports of action in several countries and on a number of other matters, including the work of IUNS Committee III/5 on Vitamin A Deficiency, and considered future activity with the WHO/UNICEF Joint Nutrition Programme concerning the preparation of a report on "Combating Vitamin A Deficiency through Primary Health Care". (Report obtainable from the United Nations, New York, NY 10017, USA.)


New Nutrition Education State-of-the-Art Review

How well or how poorly does nutrition education work? Does it deal with some nutritional problems better than others? Do some kinds of nutrition education interventions produce better results?

These are the sorts of questions addressed by Dr. Robert Hornik of the Annenberg School of Communications of the University of Pennsylvania and a panel of distinguished discussants in the first nutrition policy discussion papers of the United Nations Administrative Committee on Co" ordination's Sub-Committee on Nutrition.

This paper discusses traditional nutrition education activities which have taken place outside the education sector and points to the widespread suspicion that these types of activities have not been very effective. It reviews experiences in recent years that have included extensive experimentation with new and different approaches, producing impressive changes in nutrition-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviours. Contributors who present alternative points of view are: Abraham Horwitz, Director Emeritus of the Pan American Health Organization; Richard K. Manoff, President of Manoff International, Inc.; William A. Smith, Senior Vice-President of the Academy for Educational Development; and Susan Van der Vynckt, Programme Specialist in Nutrition Education at Unesco.

Complimentary copies of the paper can be obtained from: Dr. S. Van der Vynckt, Division of Science, Technical and Environmental Education, Unesco, 7, place de Fontenoy, 75700 Paris, France. Requests for multiple copies should be accompanied by an indication of the way in which they will be distributed and the use to which they wilt be put.

The Second International Conference on Oral Rehydration Therapy (ICORT II) will be held from 10 to 13 December 1985 in Washington, D.C., USA.

The conference is sponsored by the US Agency for International Development (AID) in co-operation with the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research/ Bangladesh (ICDDR/B), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDO), the World Bank, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Topics for discussion at the conference include: Communications and Social Marketing; Distribution and Logistics; Health Personnel Training; Supervision and Monitoring; Evaluation and Cost Issues; and Other Interventions for the Reduction of Diarrhoeal Diseases The topics for plenary sessions include: New Understanding of the Diarrhoeal Disease Process and New Therapies; Interventions to Prevent and Control Diarrhoeal Disease; and Diarrhoea, Nutrition, and Other Interventions.

Simultaneous translation will be available in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. There is no fee for attendance: however, registration is required. Early registration is recommended.

For further information regarding the conference and registration, please write to: Ms. Linda Ladislaus, ICORT II Conference Staff, Creative Associates, Inc., Suite 270, 3201 New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington DC 20016, USA.

Potential research project support for social scientists concerned with nutrition and health: In the biennium 19861987, the United Nations University expects to initiate two multi-centred research projects that will require anthropologists or other social scientists in developing countries who are prepared to use anthropological techniques.

The first of these, "Nutrition and Primary Health Care," will involve studies of the way nutrition and primary health care programmer function in selected developing countries at the peripheral level. The second will be concerned with the ability of developing country women to cope with the problems of food procurement and child care when illness strikes them or another family member. Entitled "Women, Health and Poverty," this project will look at the effects of disease on the social and economic functioning of the household unit.

Suitably qualified investigators may obtain guidelines for each of the projects and research grant application forms by writing to the Development Studies Division, United Nations University, Toho Seimei Building, 15-1 Shibuya 2-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150, Japan.

Potential research project support for social scientists concerned with social support systems: In the biennium 1986-1987, the United Nations University expects to initiate a multi-centred comparative research project that will require sociologists, anthropologists or other social scientists in developing countries to conduct empirical studies in several communities.

The project, "Poverty and Welfare Resource Allocation," will study the support and welfare resources available formally or informally in the developing countries at the community level. The investigation will be directed toward research of social support systems which could meet the growing and changing demands in developing countries.

Suitably qualified investigators may obtain guidelines for the submission of research proposals for the project by writing to the Development Studies Division, United Nations University, Toho Seimei Building, 15-1 Shibuya 2-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150, Japan.

Readers are invited to submit appropriate news, notes, and announcements for the "News and Notes" section of the Bulletin.

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